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ASIC Business Group, is a Colombian organization specializing in the provision of integrated IT (information technology) solutions for medium and large-sized businesses. ASIC responds to clients’ business goals with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. The company enjoys the backing of two respected organizations: ASIC S.A. and ASIC ENGINEERING S.A.

ASIC S.A., is the leader in hardware, software and network marketing and integration solutions.

ASIC ENGINEERING S.A. is one of the leading outsourcing companies in administration, management, infrastructure support and helpdesk solutions.

ASIC work is based on two strategic principles:

  • Optimizing customers’ IT infrastructure,
  • Aligning technology with customers’ business requirements.

ASIC strong points are:

  • Extensive knowledge of key market areas,
  • One of the leading hardware, software and network integrators in the Andean Region,
  • Design, development and implementation of software solutions tailored to customers’ needs,
  • Provision of professional consultancy services based on best practices,
  • Quality Certification ISO 9001:2000,
  • ITIL Certified Professionals,
  • IBM Premier Business Partner.

Code of Quality

ASIC promise is to offer competitive, innovative and flexible IT products and services that generate value for clients. Clients who are looking to consolidate their market position, develop long-term relationships with suppliers and customers, and guarantee returns for their shareholders.

The constant upgrading of the company’s Quality Management System is based on having competent and committed employees, earmarking essential resources and employing the highest technical standards.

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Contact info #1

Javier Antonio Jasbon Arreba
+57 1 376 9333
General Manager
Carrera 7 No. 74-56 Edificio Corporacion Financiera de Caldas, Oficinas 101 y 102, Bogota, Colombia


ASIC STS guarantees that employees will no longer lose productivity due to lack of support or application failure.

The ASIC STS platform allows all business units to function at the right level thanks to the integration of applied strategies with ASIC’s proactive model that monitors each computing device, dealing with requests for support and availability in advance, therefore cutting down operational downtime.

STS is aligned with cutting edge ITIL, COBIT and SIX SIGMA technology and the REMEDY and CMDB management tools for IT management support, the most efficient remote management of computing devices, with SLA (service level agreement) for each business unit and an 01 8000 line:

  • Help desk service
  • Onsite support service
  • User-associated contracts and services management service
  • Asset management service
  • User platform service on demand
  • Software platform management services
  • Comprehensive preventive and corrective maintenance service
  • Virtualization solutions service and implementation
  • Operating system service

ASIC STS benefits:

  • Simplify the use of technological tools for users, optimizing customers’ results when using infrastructure and applications.
  • Facilitate technological platform use, giving security and confidence in the knowledge that problems will be resolved before they are detected by the user.
  • Increase user productivity by 50%, thanks to proactive and remote management.
  • Ability to enjoy security and confidentiality of company information, thanks to printing security procedures.
  • Save up to 50% on services through economies of scale and ASIC’s nationwide presence.
  • Unburden the CIO (Chief Information Officer) to focus on developing the success of the core business.
  • Ability to enjoy the continuous monitoring of operations, anticipating changes and saving time and money.


ASIC OPEN allows clients to individualize business model with the BPN flexible services family in the management of financial and banking operations.

Customers can focus on the strategic direction of their company and rely on the advanced concepts of ASIC in delivering a flexible business smart BPN. ASIC, with a proven track record in applications and infrastructure, has the capability to undertake all those business administration processes that take up so much valuable time, such as electronic transactions and banking operations, CNB customer care offices and satellite tellers and make financial leverage a real possibility.

ASIC OPEN allows customers to be actively involved in the BPN projects of business plans by sharing risk and assuming total responsibility for such processes as:

  • Payments
  • Collections
  • Authorization of online transactions
  • Consolidation of operations
  • Non-banking correspondence
  • Virtual banking support
  • Credit management
  • Virtual medical history
  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Hosting of critical mission solutions
  • Infrastructure connection
  • Document management
  • Collateral management
  • Specific personalization processes
  • User support


OPTIM is an ASIC service platform, created to improve customers’ print management by reducing costs and wastage and generating an increase in the productivity of companies' local, remote and mobile environments.

Opting for OPTIM offers the following advantages:

  • Support and maintenance service for the entire print infrastructure
  • Managed print service
  • Consulting service for document management

OPTIM benefits:

  • Reduces ownership and operational costs, striking a balance between employees and computing devices in the handling of documents for printing.
  • Increases the productivity of computing device and remote management, so that employees are able to focus on their priorities.
  • Includes security procedures for the handling of confidential information.
  • Protects the environment with automatic on/off modes and reduce paper use.
  • Saves time and money in all document operations with OPTIM’s dynamic process of continuous monitoring.


ASIC SERTIC allows customers to take advantage of the best talent, experience, knowledge and creative ingenuity in business with ICT infrastructure.

SERTIC’s specialized services bring creativity and talent to companies' ICT operational and processing strategies, and are tailor made to the IT infrastructure and priorities of each company.

Companies need to adapt their priorities to highly flexible models. The talented creators of ASIC SERTIC recognize each task as unique:

  • Testing App
  • Operation
  • IT security
  • Management
  • Monitoring  Administration
  • Consulting  Hosting
  • IT support

ASIC SERTIC benefits:

  • Aligns a unique and personalized strategy with customers’ business priorities.
  • Increases the availability, improves efficiency and optimizes costs.
  • Simplifies information management and ensures business growth.
  • The unique design allows customers to combine the effectiveness of integrated communications with platform networks, giving business flexibility.

ASIC The Cloud

ASIC The Cloud aligns corporate strategies with highly effective, low-cost virtual ICT infrastructure solutions.

ASIC The Cloud allows customers to enjoy guaranteed efficiency, productivity and reduced costs.  The program applies highly flexible models, including IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service), PAAS (Platform as a Service), y SAAS (Software as a Service), to customers’ business and takes advantage of these low-cost solutions.

ASIC The Cloud benefits:

  • Substantially reduces implementation times thanks to its availability and its installation and operational simplicity.
  • Reduces operating costs by paying only for the resources used. Also reduces the burden on IT staff and service costs.
  • Provides access to the latest technological developments.
  • Enjoys best working practices and standards in the market.
  • Supports organizations workflow processes through the easy availability of sharing and managing of information.
  • Provides excellent benefits to business model.


Personalized ICT solutions for customers’ business, in highly competitive and changing environments.

When it comes to clients, nothing is impossible or impersonal in ASIC’s support and service system. ASIC’s information management, configuration and financial services are designed to ensure the growth of clients’ businesses.

  • Servers
  • Storage
  • Communications
  • SW operational
  • SW middle layer
  • Datacenter


With an unparalleled track record of product and legal knowledge, ASIC can take care of user needs, applications, legalities and SW licensing.

Now customers can integrate analytical intelligence into their company’s business with ASIC licensing that will support their decision-making.

  • Infrastructure software
  • SOA
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Operation and control
  • Help desk
  • Operational systems
  • Databases
  • SW middle layer

Business Continuity

ASIC offers innovative solutions ensuring the productivity of customers business is constantly heading in the right direction.

  • High system availability
  • DRP
  • BSP design

Self-Service Solutions

More than ever, transactions and service points have to keep pace with the urban requirements of today’s world and ASIC is at the cutting edge of transaction processing.

  • Kiosks
  • Mobile Transactions


ASIC S.A. customers list include:


• Telefonica telecom
• Porvenir
• Bancolombia
• Bancoomeva
• Colanta
• Corona
• Sufi
• Éxito
• Banco de Occidente
• Servihanca
• Banacol
• Leonisa
• Constructora BOLIVAR
• Easy
• Colsanitas
• Coltejer

Business Partners

ASIC S.A. business partners include:


• Claro
• IBM Business Partner
• Lenovo
• Bmcsoftware
• Movistar
• Terremark
• Vmware
• Level3
• O4IT
• Tango04

Asic S.A.

  • Carrera 7 No. 74 56, Edificio Corporación Financiera de Caldas, Oficinas 101 y 102, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 376 9333 
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