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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

M. Barzilay Metalworks Industries ltd., specializes in manufacturing of electronic equipment, milling and mechanical accurate assemblies for the industry domain. Since M. Barzilay's establishment in 1967, the factory operates in order to improve and upgrade itself in its specialized domain of metal industry. The production layout is based on computerized activity, beginning with the engineering planning up to the specific manufacturing processes existing in the factory.

M. Barzilay company provides services related to electronic equipment and sheet metal processing as sub contractors. The factory currently employs 35 workers in various departments, being prepared to take on "turn key projects".

M. Barzilay Metalworks Industries ltd. provides services for the following domains: manufacture and assembly of machines for all sorts of industries, manufacturing and processing parts for the high-tech industry and for the defense forces, integrating assembled systems in the metal industry domain, electricity, electronics, optics and mechanics.

The factory's modern building structure has 3,000 square meters, having an advanced innovated production floor.

Market shares and main activity manufacturing domains:

Defense & Aviation Industry – cases, drawers and cabinets (IAI standard authorized), communication cabins.
Communications domain - cabinets, baskets, cases, compact pci, terminal equipment.
Printing press industries - machines equipment.
Medical equipment - medical gear and mechanisms.
Micro-electronics - electronic equipment manufacture.

Company's services:

• Engineering planning and developing.
• Computerized laser beams sheet metal cutting.
• CNC computerized punching layout.
• Computerized sheet metal bending layout.
• Argon & CO2 welding, electrodes welding to stainless steel, steel and aluminum.
• Sheet metal automatic polishing layout, grinding and sharpening.
• Nailing and fasteners insertion on metal parts and assemblies.
• Zinc coating, anodize, alodine, electro less, etc….
• Electrostatic powder painting and wet painting.
• Mechanical assemblies.
• Machines Milling
• Quality control, packing and delivery.

Production planning: M. Barzilay Metalworks Industries' experienced engineers plan and develop products according to the costumer's demands, adjusting them to the company's advanced production means, beginning with the first idea formation up to the final product. Each metal product is supplied with drawings and product file, created by the company's engineers.

Quality Control system ISO 9001:2008 standard authorized: All planning and production processes in the factory are done under strict supervision of the quality control division, up to the stage of receiving the final product. 
The advanced production means, as well as its long years of experience, enable the company to provide the following advantages:

• Production flexibility
• Expenses economy (low prices)
• Short marketing schedules (TIME TO MARKET)

Company's clients: M. Barzilay Metalworks Industries' customers list include companies of all sizes, local as well as international, active in different market sectors such as: communications, micro-electronics, digital printing press, medical equipment, military aviation industry, military defense industry, water and desalination industry, and solar systems industry.

The company's major clients include: the Israeli Aviation Industry (IAI), Elbit Systems, the Israeli Ministry of Defense, the Bureau of Israeli Prime Minister, Applied Materials, HP, Intel, Orbotech, etc….

M. Barzilay Metal Industries ltd. - Pictures

CNC Punching

Some of the company's CNC punching producs are depicted in the pictures on the left. For additional information, please refer to M. Barzilay Metal Industries website (link).

CNC Bending

Some of the company's CNC bending producs are depicted in the pictures on the left. For additional information, please refer to M. Barzilay Metal Industries website (link).

Laser Cutting

Some of the company's laser cutting producs are depicted in the pictures on the left. For additional information, please refer to M. Barzilay Metal Industries website (link).

Communications Cabinets

Some of the company's communications cabinets producs are depicted in the pictures on the left. For additional information, please refer to M. Barzilay Metal Industries website (link).

Electronic Packaging

Some of the company's electronic packaging producs are depicted in the pictures on the left. For additional information, please refer to M. Barzilay Metal Industries website (link).

Engineering and Development Department

The factory’s engineering department is designed to meet every customer`s needs.

The company’s experienced engineers are very knowledgeable and experienced in the fields of sheet metal processing and integration to electronic parts and metal.

All customer requirements are processed by the company’s engineers with full collaboration and according to the customer’s preferences. The design process is performed using SOLID WORKS CAD software and enables the creation of a comprehensive product file including modeling and detailed drawings.

The company's engineering department processes the design and matches its data with the factory’s most advanced technology. This includes, among other things, cutting with a laser beam, punching and computerized bending.
Customizing the technology for the product makes it possible to manufacture the product at a low cost.
The manufacturing of the parts is performed by designated software for laser, punching and bending machines, allowing for maximum utilization and optimization of each part.

Punching Department

Due to increased market demands for the production of complex parts at low production costs, the factory acquired a punching layout, which is the only one of its kind in Israel.

The factory’s Punching Department is equipped with a variety of punching equipment manufactured by TRUMPF.

• Punching performance amongst the fastest and most accurate in Israel, a veriety of machines with automatic sheet -loading and unloading.
• Punching capacity of up to 6.35 mm. Can perforate materials such as steel, aluminum and stainless steel.
• Ability to perforate sheets the size of up to 1250 to 3000 mm.
• Ability to perform contour cutting in areas with non-conventional contours- ROLL.
• Ability to emboss, fit, and bend up to 25 mm.
• All stations on the machine can sustain a rotation of 360 degrees INDEX, up to 190 tools.
• This system is characterized by its flexible manufacturing ability: of small as well as large batches.
• Short and fast SET-UP abilities.

All these capabilities enable the production of integrated parts at low production costs.

Laser Department

The Laser Department is equipped with machines for cutting with laser beams. The laser machine has an adjustable table that enables the unloading of parts, which have already been cut, without stopping and without interfering with the ongoing cutting of the sheet metal.

The machine is equipped with an automatic sheet metal loader, enabling the loading of up to 350 kg of sheet metal into the machine. These machines are able to cut various materials such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, wood and plastic.

The laser machine is extremely precise when cutting these materials. Cutting with a laser beam enables contour cutting and the cutting of unconventional shapes.

These abilities enable the production of complex and intricate parts with no need of cutting tools or tools to enable the part processing.

Cutting capabilities:
• Various steels including up to 20 mm of armor steel.
• Stainless steel up to 15 mm.
• Aluminum in a variety of types, up to 10 mm.

Welding Department

The factory`s welding department has high quality welding abilities having a wide range of welding options:
• CO2 welding.
• welding spots AC and DC to iron, stainless steel and aluminum.
• Argon, stainless steel and aluminum welding, authorized for aircraft industry standard.

M. Barzilay factory has high welding abilities, which enable welding of delicate, as well as, complex materials.

Fasteners Department

The factory`s fasteners department is equipped with several machines for fasteners insertion on sheet metal and for rivet insertion.

The factory has two kinds of fasteners insertion machines: half automatic machines and computerized full automatic machines which are programmed by the engineering department, defining the fasteners required by the item`s model or drawing. The programming is broadcasted to the machine`s computer, after which the machine automatically adjusts to the fastener`s insertion, including adjusting the insertion depth pressure. The computerized program`s feeding is performed automatically.

In addition, the fasteners department is equipped with a wide range of machinery and tools for rivets insertion on aluminum and iron.

Polishing Department

The factory has a department for polishing and surface scratches removal. In this department, each part is treated individually, from the moment of polishing through the overall surface scratches removal. In fact, the smooth appearance and feel of the part is achieved in this department.

The department has a full automatic polishing machine, having several polishing options by a number of polishing bands and scratch removers, in addition to other machines and tools for scratches removal from the material surface.

Furthermore, after the welding process, all items are manually polished by professional workers, restoring the material`s original polish level as it was before the welding.

Quality Control Department

M. Barzilay`s company primary goal is to supply excellent and high quality manufactured metal products. The factory has authorized IQC standard 9001:2008 ISO.
All factory`s workers, in each station, are involved in the quality control process, beginning with product`s planning stage, through the production, up to the finished product including all its components.

Quality control in the M. Barzilay factory is performed by inspectors who examine the parts according to the drawings and the customer’s requirements. This evaluation is recorded and attached to each part when shipped to the client.

The quality control department is equipped with a wide range of various advanced measurement tools, in order to insure maximum compatibility to the client`s demands and requirements.

Bending Department

Due to the engineering progress in the electronic packaging manufacturing domain, it has increased the demand of highly precise bending techniques for electronic packaging parts, as expected.

The Bending Department has a number of CNC bending machines manufactured by TRUMPF with extremely high bending capabilities that enable high levels of performance and are among the most accurate machines in Israel.

Those bending abilities are recognized by several different parameters:
• large high openings sized up to 625 mm, making possible especially deep bending such as electronic packages, communication drawers, or any other mechanical parts that require high deep bend.
• bending length of parts sized up to 3100 mm, ability to process long parts on the bending machine, going trough several stations at once, without removing the part from the machine.
• bending pressure force up to 130 ton, making possible to bend thick parts.
• computerized bending control, enabling perfect control over the bending angles and sizes.
• in addition, those machines are equipped with a large range of bending tools, offering lots of bending options.

All those parameters together, allow flexibility of manufacturing assembled metal items, as well as performance of especially complicated works, such as drawers, communication equipment and electronic packaging parts.

M. Barzilay Metal Industries ltd.

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