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VSMPO-Avisma JS is the world's largest titanium producer and acts as a supplier of related raw materials . Located in Verkhnyaya Salda, Russia, VSMPO-AVISMA also operates facilities in Ukraine, England, Switzerland, Germany and the United States. The company produces titanium, aluminum, magnesium and steel alloys. VSMPO-AVISMA does a great deal of business with aerospace companies around the world most notably Boeing and Airbus.[1]On 27 December 2007 US Boeing and VSMPO-AVISMA created a joint venture Ural Boeing Manufacturing and signed a contract on titanium products deliveries until 2015. Boeing planning to invest 27 billion dollars in the production of titanium parts for its needs.[2]The company is a key organizer of the Titanium Valley project. . The Company profile mannufactures titanium products such as: ingot, billet, slab, large-size forging of aero-engine disk and blade, rolled ring, extrusion, seamless and welded tube, etc. Furthermore, the aluminum division produces ingot, extruded shape, tube and panel, cold-formed tube and pipe for nuclear applications. Besides this, VSMPO-AVISMA produces ferrotitanium, one of the widely used ferroalloys.

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  • Parkovaya St. 1, Verkhnaya Salda, Sverdlovsk region , 624760, Russia
  • +7 (34345) 6-29-47
  • +7 (34345) 6-14-37
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