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Abu Zaabal Specialty Chemical company (AZC) was founded in 1950. Initially, the company was oriented towards the production of propellants and TNT for small arms and artillery ammunition, but soon was introduced to the production of industrial explosives. A major achievement in this field was the Aswan High Dam project, with dynamites supplied by the AZC.

Military products include explosives, propellants, mortar chargers, and rocket motors. As part of the joint Condor missile program, Abu Zaabal Specialty Chemical Company helped Iraq build the Taj al-Ma'arik solid fuel propellant plant in Latifiyah (al Hillah). Civilian products include dynamite, industrial nitro-cellulose, sodium toluene sulphonate, potassium chlorate, shotgun powder, hydrogenated oils, blasting service.

Abu Zaabal Specialty Chemical Company (Factory 18)

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