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  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Raw Materials
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Heliopolis Chemical Industries Military Factory (Factory 81) started its operations in 1949, initially producing the 81mm mortars. During the following years, the company developed various military and civilian products. In 1950s, Heliopolis Chemical Industries began the production of grenades, safety fuse and fuse explosives. Since then, military products have been developed in the company, including bombs and missile warheads, as well as ammunition for tanks, artillery and mortars, antitank mines, hand grenades, fuses, and high explosives.

Factory 81 manufactures the SA-7 warheads, as well as 100mm and 115mm tank ammunition, 122mm rockets, 100AA ammunition, aerial bombs, depth charges, and other associated products. Civilian products include formaldehyde and hexamine paints, safety and detonating fuses, rubber and plastic products, and adhesives.


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Heliopolis Chemical Industries (Factory 81)

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