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  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Helwan Iron Foundries (HIF) was founded in 1968 to serve civilian and military needs for casting. Today is the biggest integrated complex of ferrous foundries for iron and steel casting in Egypt. This complex mainly produces high quality of engineering casting required in various industries. Equipped with the latest technology, the company is able to respond to customers' needs for high precision of light, medium and heavy castings, whatever the degree of complexity or technical specifications, chemical composition and surface finishing.

HIF's significant product categories are:

  • Grinding materials of balls, slab mills and hammer crushers for the cement industry, mining and refractories
  • Parts and Auto Parts formeans of transport
  • Parts, gudgeons for oil and water pumps
  • Cartridges for light and heavy arms

Important customers are public organisations and Ministries, as well as significant companies of various industrial sectors.

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Helwan Iron Foundries (Factory 9)

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