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S3log is the consortium established in July 2004 by majority stake-holder Elsag Datamat, a Finmeccanica company, and Vitrociset, to create the Italian centre of excellence in the supply of Logistics Management information systems and services to the Defence sector, with the scale to compete on international markets.

The Consortium develops and markets IT systems and services in connection with logistics, administration and management activities for all Italian Defence Ministry Unit operations, in addition to logistic support systems and services for the vehicles and equipment used by other government entities, including the Guardia di Finanza (tax-fraud police) and the Police Force.

The Consortium coordinates the activities of its members during both bidding and contract execution, and specifically in connection with Program Management, System Engineering and Design Authority responsibilities.

The S3log Consortium market offering is split into two main branches:

PRODUCTS & SOLUTIONS - S3log produces information systems for the management, command and control of logistic activities both at home and in theatres of operation, as well as automated management solutions for warehouses, administrative procedures and asset maintenance.

SERVICES - Drawing on the logistic support and ICT skills of consortium members, S3log offers a broad range of services including the management of automated warehouses and computing centres, and the maintenance of information systems and technical/application help desks.

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Consorzio S3log

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