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ESIL specialises in helping clients solve challenging engineering and computational problems related to design and performance. Working closely with clients, the company can create or enhance a product design that will be successful in today's competitive marketplace.

ESIL’s experience across a wide range of disciplines and industries makes them an ideal partner when considering challenging and complex engineering problems.

Fluid Dynamics - From analytical methods to specialised CFD software, ESIL have the expertise in both traditional and non-traditional industrial sectors to deliver solutions for fluid problems in a number of diverse industries including aerospace, automotive and space engineering.

Structural Analysis - With a suite of application software at its disposal, together with years of experience in linear and non-linear analysis, ESIL has the resources to provide solutions for analysis or product design.

Thin Film Deposition - ESIL uses cutting edge technology in computational software to model and predict thin film deposition processes at reactor and feature scale levels.


ESIL provides a range of computational services to the aerospace industry including aerodynamic modelling, surface coating simulations, heat transfer and dynamical stress analysis.

ESIL uses the latest Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to analyse and problems in fluid dynamics.Our computational resources include CFX, CFD ACE and CFD FASTRAN run over a DualCore Opteron 8 node cluster unit.

ESIL has considerable experience in the aerospace industry with projects including: Aerodynamics of Aircraft and Spacecraft; Turbo Machinery; Wing Tip Design.

The advantage of CFD leads to substantial reduction of lead times and costs of new designs, the ability to study systems where controlled experiments are difficult or impossible to perform and also provides practically unlimited level of details of results.

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