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G&L Calibers Ltd., was established in 1977, by Lakis Psimolophitis. His passion and years of experimentation and research resulted in the range of VICTORY cartridges now used around the world by top class competition shooters. The company designs and manufactures most of the components making up a cartridge using the latest plastics technologies: the plastic tube, shot wad base wad, and the metal head. The lead shot ranges from single slugs to size eleven and the pellets are checked for roundness, hardness and consistency to achieve the desired patterns and penetration.

Successful sales enabled the manufacturer to invest substantially in research and development of new products. At present the company is exporting to more than 20 countries including UK, USA, Japan, Australia and the Middle East and Gulf countries.

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G&L Calibers LTD

  • : Thessalonikis Str. 02, Ergates Industrial Area, 2643, Nicosia, Cyprus
  • +35722621548
  • +35722623008
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