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IFAD is a Danish 25+ years old company located in Odense, Denmark. The company is 100 % privately owned and it is the leading Danish provider of simulation-based training solutions with focus on mission-critical training to Defense and Homeland Security. The company is recognized as the preferred partner and has a strong long-term relationship to the Danish Defence. IFAD provides training and interoperability solutions, customization, integration, maintenance and support to Danish as well as international military customers.

IFAD solutions are based on leading edge COTS simulation technology, proven in-house products and a solid experience achieved from many years of collaboration with defense customers. IFAD solutions include:

Distributed simulation & training solutions for Naval Tactical and SAR/NAV training, Close Air Support and Call for Fire training, Radar and Radio Communications training; Interoperability gateways enabling integration of Live, Virtual & Constructive (LVC) systems for distributed team training. IFAD gateway solutions include 'Simulator - Simulator' interoperability, 'Simulator - C2' integration, and 'Simulator-Sensor' system integration; Radio communication interoperability solutions enabling Live&Virtual radio communication; Link solutions for simulation-based communication, incl. Link11 and Link16.


  • Østre Stationsvej 43,2, DK, Odense, Denmark
  • +4563110211
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