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INTERNATIONAL INSIGNIAS was established in the year 1971, and specializes in the manufacture and export of hand embroidered products such as emblems, badges, crests, insignias etc., since three generations. The Company specializes in the production producing the exclusive embroideries for the UK ministry of defence, such as the Footguards, Blues & Royals, Horse guards, Yeoman of the guards etc., uniform embroideries and insignias in 2% gold and 990 silver wires, which are also produced by the Company, to the required specifications.

Over the years, the Company realised that its skills are also suited to the Fashion and Religious industry, hence it enhanced its services in this area and has now developed two new wings for 'Textiles' and 'Beads', apart from the Military, Heraldry, Police and Fire & Rescue Services.

The Company is, currently supplying to European, American and UK clients, with their requirements of embroidered products for Military, Heraldry (tunic embroidery), Police, Fire & Rescue Services, Religious Services, such as embroidered badges, emblems, crests, banners, uniforms, fashion embroidery, religious / church embroidery and embroidery for the special occasions.

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International Insignias

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