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Loggers is an international solution provider in the field of shock, vibration and noise control. Loggers offers innovative solutions based on a wide range of high-quality components and related technical services.

Shock Solutions - Loggers develops many innovative solutions that protect people, sensitive equipment and even complete superstructures against the negative effects of shock impact. Every shock solution is completely tailored to client or industry specific shock requirements, ranging from military standards and specifications to very strict drop/collision demands for packaging and crating solutions.

Vibration Solutions - Loggers vibration solutions are renowned for the relief they provide to clients worldwide. The specialists of the Centre of Excellence are always in pursuit of the optimal solution that meets the client’s requirements. Their profound analysis, advanced six degrees of freedom calculations and excellent technical capabilities contribute to innovative solutions.

Noise Solutions - Loggers’ noise specialists of the Center of Excellence have years of experience in isolating noise and vibration. Depending on the requirements and specific situations, they develop solutions that protect people against noise nuisance in a cost-effective manner. Ranging from passive to active noise isolation solutions (anti-noise), Loggers’ noise solution portfolio contains the required technology and capabilities that allow clients to offer the best working and living conditions to their personnel within their industry.

Loggers is active in the following markets: Shipbuilding; Dredging; Defence; Machinery; Offshore; Transportation.

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Loggers B.V.

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