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  • C4I, Communication Systems

Natcom Electronics is a product developer and integrator of communication systems into military and security vehicles and containers. The company provides customised solutions that combine existing customer equipment with their own products as well as assist in the sourcing of third party communication, power and control equipment.

PRODUCTS - Vehicle & Wireless Intercoms

Natcom Electronics specialises in a range of defence and security communication products and software applications targeting the industrial and military markets. The company designs, manufactures, supplies and supports hardware as well as software to the government and private sector both locally and internationally.

Natcom Electronics products include: Vehicle Intercom Systems; Tank Intercom Systems; Wireless Intercom Systems; Ancillary Audio Devices; Communication Power Devices; Wireless and Wired Communication Systems; Traffic Monitoring and Enforcement Systems; Radio Network, Satellite and Telecommunication Systems.

DEVELOPMENT - Embedded Software & Custom Hardware

Natcom’s core development capability is provided by a team of engineers that specialise in the field of embedded technology development. They are experienced in designing and developing innovative solutions for embedded projects. The company offers cost and time competitive solutions for both local and international markets.

Natcom development core competencies: Industrial and Military Hardware and Software Design; Design & Programming Embedded Applications for Real-Time Systems; Sensor Electronics; Signal Processing; Industrial Controllers; GSM & GPRS Telemetry applications; Wireless Sensors and Sensor Networks; Analogue, RF and Digital design; VHDL / FPGA programming; Industrial and Military Hardware and Software Design.

SYSTEM DESIGN & INSTALLATION DEPARTMENT (SDID) - Communications Design & Platform Integration

SDID is a specialist installation and integration facility that deals with the fitment of communication and power systems into military and industrial fixed or mobile installations.

Platform integration design includes: Communication System Design; Products for Communication Distribution; Co-location & EMI/EMC Design and Evaluation; Power Conversion & Distribution Design; Products for Power Conversion and Distribution; Custom Cable Design and Assembly; Custom Installation Frames/Mechanical Design; Vehicle Electronics Design; Documentation for Installation and Logistic Support; Installation in Land, Sea & Air Platforms; Installation both local and International; Integrated Logistic Support Systems.

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Natcom Electronics

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  • +27 31 914 2071
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