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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Electrical, Electronics & Electro-optics
  • IT, Computing and Software
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance
  • Services (R&D, training, engineering, consultancy, …)
  • Training & Simulation

Vitrociset creates, designs and manages complex systems, safe and mission critical, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability.

The company’s offer is aimed at highly competitive as well as extremely diversified markets - from defense to security, from logistics to transport, up to space and smart cities - and is constantly enhanced through continuous investments in Research and Development, as well as in human capital.


Command & Control - Vitrociset is a domestic and international leader in the supply of Command & Control (C&C) systems. Vitrociset has the capacity to represent a theatre of operations using advanced C&C, planning and mission management systems.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance - Vitrociset provides multi-sensor tracking solutions for the management of positional and information data for civil and military command and control, enabling the realistic representation of scenarios (aircraft or ships), which supports the capacity to take decisions during the mission.

Instrumented Test Range - Vitrociset designs, develops and integrates custom-made products (such as command and control systems, front-end systems, consoles, data acquisition systems, operations management tools) to fulfil the operating requirements of modern experimental test ranges.

Modeling & Simulation - The solution that Vitrociset offers covers three different types of simulation: LIVE, VIRTUAL and CONSTRUCTIVE. The solution ranges from the definition of the technical requirements to the training of military personnel in the field, thus supporting interoperability, technological integration and the acquisition of new capabilities.

Infologistics & Support Equipment - Vitrociset has experience and expertise in the field of integrated logistics and technical support services.


Vitrociset offers high-level protection of infrastructure, places, people and information, through risk prevention, threat identification and response to attacks. Border management, critical infrastructure protection, land conservation, and protection of public order: national security is a complex challenge that can only be accomplished with broad and extensive control capabilities, supported by resilient, secure, multi-service modern communication networks.


Vitrociset designs, builds and operates ground segments, launch bases and teleports to the most important missions of the European Space Agency and Italian, ensuring the highest standards of quality, safety and reliability thanks to superb integrated logistics support.


Air Traffic Management - Vitrociset develops turnkey systems for aircraft navigation and air traffic control centres for regional air traffic and airports, as well as software systems (ATC, AMHS, AFTN, AIS, ATIS/D-ATIS simulators, etc.), and mobile systems for airport control tower services.

Airport Solutions - Vitrociset offers solutions to support airport operations, which integrate different systems to enable data communication, security control and management/automation of the entire site also by means of advanced decision support tools.

Meteorological Systems - Vitrociset creates meteorological systems for airports and regional and national forecasting centres (LLWAS, AWOS, SADIS, ATIS/D-ATIS, SICAM, and IWS, etc.).

Intelligent Transport Systems - Vitrociset offers intelligent telematics solutions for freight transport logistics to ensure effective management, along with efficient and safe transport.

Maritime & Port Solutions - Vitrociset designs solutions that use ICT to support port operations, from the management of the movement of ships, cargo and containers, to the loading and unloading of cargo and customs activities.

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