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  • C4I, Communication Systems

The IP Company is a leading company in wireless communication and messaging systems (WCMS) on board ships. They developed the WCMS communication system which enables voice and messaging communication between crew members, both in the administrative and operational domains.

The system is one integrated system, which connects regular desk phones as well as wireless handheld devices. It is the result of combining vision and intelligence with over 20 years of experience. Passion and persistence in research on IP PBX and messaging technologies has resulted in a professional and specialized business based upon Open Source solutions.

The IP Company has the following subsidiaries: Amsterdam (Marketing and Sales), Hoofddorp (R & D) and Atlanta (USA) advise The IP Company, designs, manages and supports telecommunications and IT issues.

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The IP Company

  • Kruisweg 611, 2132 NB, Hoofddorp, Netherlands
  • +31 85 111 91 11
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