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  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Weapons & Ammunition

Transforming weapon readiness worldwide – with the world’s first smart counter

SECUBIT Ltd. is a world leader in gun monitoring technologies and platforms.

Designed under military specifications (MIL-SPEC), WeaponLogic ™ is a revolutionary weapon management system that automatically stores comprehensive weapon firing data and provides advanced analytics for optimized maintenance, improved performance and exceptional weapon readiness.

WeaponLogic combines three cutting edge products in one:

  • WeaponLogic ™ Smart Counter
  • WeaponLogic ™ Reader
  • WeaponLogic ™ Dashboard

Monitor Weapon and Operator

  • Unlimited weapon configuration and assignment profiles
  • Long term weapon time & energy analytics
  • Log and track weapon performance and its individual components independently
  • Real-time status reports, in the field
  • Operator activity monitoring
  • Shot Counter weights less than 20 grams, waterproof (IP68 compliant) with battery life of 10 years
  • Counter holds over 1 million events
  • Rugged MIL-STD-810G compliant mobile reader

Manage Armories

  • High level status snapshot AND detailed on-demand inventory, maintenance, and usage report
  • Log and track current weapon configuration for better inventory management
  • Task management for armory staff – assign task to armory personnel for better and more efficient time usage
  • Ammunition consumption records
  • Classify weapon tiers based on weapon history
  • Automatic supply management – know how many spare parts you hold and what needs to be ordered in advance

Simple and Comprehensive

  • Customizable maintenance programs and hazard alert thresholds
  • Simple to use and intuitive dashboards
  • Fully customizable and can be integrated with SAP or other platforms
  • Configurable user permissions and management

WeaponLogic ™ is the most widely deployed weapon readiness and maintenance system worldwide.

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