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  • Ballistic Protection
  • Textile, Individual Equipment, Clothing

ForcePro is an organisation that has set itself the goal of offering only the best quality on a selective market. We place people at the heart of our vision and have smart solutions to enable people to carry out their work as optimally as possible. With its expertise and specialists, ForcePro is able to provide solutions for highly complex cases in today's fight against terrorism and crime. ForcePro has a programme geared to use by elite army and police units and the specialised units operating in their own specific fields.

ForcePro provides both the products and the knowledge for a wide range of issues. Whether it is protection against drones or extreme weather conditions, we are able to offer quality solutions that are among the best on the market. Our expertise and protocols enable us to think along with you at a detailed level to find the most obvious solutions. ForcePro is the exclusive importer for numerous brands in the Benelux region.

We are indeed masters of execution and thought.

ForcePro's philosophy is that, in addition to selling products, knowledge of their use and maintenance must also be included. The credo Product plus Knowledge is therefore the basis of ForcePro.

We instruct the products with certified in-house instructors. These also issue the certificates upon delivery and the Support department keeps track of the annual maintenance when applicable. They will inform you in good time of the maintenance with the associated new certification if applicable.

ForcePro also has a position in the market from its customers and suppliers that they are involved in numerous innovation projects and are therefore often the implementing party for the development of new products.

With our own instructors, we can transfer any delivered product with the correct application instructions and implementation in the appropriate protocols. Matters such as storage, maintenance and the procedure in the event of damage will be discussed with you.

The type of product we deliver sometimes requires some maintenance or updates. These are taken care of by our own technical department. The Support department will contact you at an early stage for a maintenance session or a mandatory update.

Grown up through innovation, we are able to deal with complex problems within the applicable legal regulations and technical possibilities and offer the right solution. That is why we are increasingly present in development projects within the government and automotive sector.



ForcePro's range of products has been put together with great care based on experience, knowledge of the market and listening to customers. As a result, our range of products is geared to the future and to the innovation that our customers are looking for in their work and protocols.

Where possible, our products are provided with certificates and have been tested in practice. Our own instructors will be happy to show you how the products work at our location. In consultation with you, the customer, we can also offer customized solutions in all areas. We have opted for the range below and ask you to contact us without obligation if you are interested in or have any questions about a product. 


  • Ballistic vests & inserts
  • Ballistic shields
  • Ballistic helmets


  • Lightsticks / Visipads
  • Flashlights / Fenix / Nightstick
  • Flare


  • Pressure Key / Hooligan Tool / Bonkie / Bomvat / Intervantion Blanket / Tactical Buster / Thief powder
  • DroneGun Tactical
  • FLIR camera / FLIR Scout


  • Lifejackets
  • Buoys


  • Overall / Cardigans / Jackets
  • Riot Gear
  • Clutch strap / Gloves / Caps / Safety glasses


  • Rear installation / Response Units / Traffic cone
  • Druglab tester
  • Shelter


  • Baarleseweg 81, 5131 BB Alphen, The Netherlands
  • +31 85 90 222 42
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