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  • C4I, Communication Systems
  • Counter-measures, Electronic Warfare and Decoys
  • Radar, Sonar, Navigation, Targeting, Surveillance

Founded in 1987, SONAK specializes in defense software and electronic systems development, design and integration. The company has successfully delivered state of the art, turn key projects to the Hellenic Ministry of Defense. Driven by its urge for customer satisfaction and technical perfection, SONAK has managed today to be established as the leading supplier of high tech military products in the Hellenic defense market. This success is mainly attributed to the fact that SONAK continuously invests in highly qualified and experienced professionals who are the driving force for its research, development and production achievements.

Affiliated & Subsidiary Companies

SONAK is owned by the Axon Holdings, a company traded at the Athens Stock Exchange market since 1994. Axon Holdings participates in the share capital of companies with a wide range of activities:

  • Euromedica S.A., established in 1987, is the largest private health care services network in Greece, operating highly modernized diagnostic centers and hospitals located in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete and other major Greek cities.
  • AXON Securities S.A., a licensed member of the Athens Stock Exchange, was established in 1991. Its main activities include the trading of equities as well as the provision of advisory services in new Underwriting issues.

SONAK within its course of business has decided to establish subsidiary companies in order to focus on certain market segments that have been considered as interesting and profitable. Currently, subsidiaries of SONAK are the following:

  • Data Design S.A., is the leading Greek company in medical software development. The company provides solutions for Medical Institutions such as hospitals, medical laboratories and private medical offices since 1986. In 2001 SONAK became the majority shareholder of Data Design, fact that gave to the later additional capabilities in terms of know-how and market exposure.
  • Elson S.A., is specialized in the research and development of specialized electronics systems. The company's primary target is the promotion of laboratory ideas in the fields of wired and wireless communication, telemetry and electronic warfare systems.


SONAK experienced recently an internal reorganization program, which amongst other things resulted in the concentration of its business activities into one location. Therefore, today the company's place of business is located in one plant, recently extended and refurbished, near the Athens International Airport area, which also provides space for further expansion. This company owned location of 64.000 m2 includes three independent buildings with office and production areas of 5.000 m2.


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Offset Consulting Services

More than 15 years of experience has given us in-depth knowledge for Offsets. This resulted in winning and participating in the implementation of the largest Offsets Contracts ever signed in Greece.

Advising and helping Customers requires a detailed knowledge of the Hellenic Defense Industry and the Hellenic Ministry of Defense procedures and Offset requirements. Knowledge that has been generated after several years of operating in this business area assisting its customers to accomplish effectively their offset obligations. Proposal drafting, industry survey, contract negotiation and administration during the contract implementation are the main services provided.

Digital Army

In the technological age of warfare, Armed Forces are faced with the challenge to increase their effectiveness and overall success in the digital battlefield. Currently, information management follows the traditional principles from the past century. However, the complexity of the modern battlefield and the current military doctrine both suggest improved situational awareness, secure information exchange and faster composition and dissemination of commands through all levels.

Under contract with the Greek Army, SONAK develops the Battalion Management System destined to bring the Hellenic Army into the new era. The purpose of this system is manifold: improve situational awareness, provide information exchange among all echelons, control logistics and flow of supplies in the field. Ultimately, BMS will provide the Army Battalions with an unparalleled advantage in any operating environment.

Main Features:

  • Use during war and peace,
  • Field tactics,
  • Battlefield intelligence,
  • Personnel,
  • Activities/duties at command level,
  • Ammunition,
  • Logistics,
  • Reliable communications infrastructure through the complete chain of command.

Artillery Applications - DIAS

DIAS, is the Hellenic Artillery’s C³I Fire Support system. Destined to equip all echelons from Division down to the individual gun, the system constitutes the upgrade of its predecessor ARIS, delivered to the Hellenic Artillery more than a decade ago. Gaining significant experience by that previous engagement, SONAK has delivered a modern, state-of-the-art product headed for use in any mission area, capable of becoming an irreplaceable accessory to the Hellenic Artillery for the years to come.

Through it's comprehensive and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI), DIAS supports rapid tactical decision making by sustaining and presenting situational maps with locations of friendly and enemy forces, targets, coordination measures and air-space coordination areas. Fire missions are processed automatically involving minimum or no user interaction ensuring that the right target is hit with the right weapon and the right ammunition. Finally, seamless near-real-time exchange and dissemination of information among echelons guarantee efficiency and improve lethality of the weapons.

Main Features:

  • Situational Awareness,
  • Geographical User Interface,
  • Mission Planning,
  • Target Analysis,
  • Fire Program Generation,
  • Battle Management,
  • Interoperability and automated message transfer.

Electronic Warfare

SONAK offers a series of Jammer, Monitor & C³I Systems for Theatre Communications and EW Operations fully customizable to the Customer’s particular requirements. These range from portable, light-weighted Expandable Jammers, to mobile HF/VHF/UHF Jammers and Monitoring Centers installed on armored carriers, all managed and controlled from a common C³I platform.


ERIS Jammers & ESTIA Monitors series: The ERIS & ESTIA Systems cover the full communication frequency range and can undertake jamming and deception missions against communications networks as well as the monitoring of the electro-magnetic spectrum. They are installed on a vehicle and can be operated by one person.

Main Features:

  • Monitoring Surveillance,
  • Digital/analog recording facilities,
  • Sufficient effective jamming range for closed spaced tactical radio networks,
  • Frequency Hopping,
  • Protection of friendly frequencies,
  • Time/Frequency/Power sharing techniques,
  • More than 10 Frequencies sequential/simultaneous intercepted,
  • Integrated advanced hardware and software capable to undertake the most difficult missions,
  • Extensive peripheral configuration (GPS, Compass, Communications etc.).

Smart Weapons Jammer: It is a special purpose jammer, autonomous and small that has the capability to disrupt the proper operation of modern weapon systems. This system can be used to protect various types of targets (sea or land-based). The effective range of the jammer can vary depending on Customer needs.

Main Features:

  • User-friendly operation (keyboard and LCD display),
  • Effective range according to Customer requirements,
  • Built in test equipment,
  • User authentication,
  • Remotely controlled (optional),
  • Pyramidical horn antenna,
  • Dimension: 19” rack mountable, 10U height.

Expandable Jammer: This is a product presently development. It concerns the production of a deployable communications jammer and a remote control unit, which extends the electronic warfare capabilities in specific, critical theatres of operation.

Main Features:

  • Networks simulation,
  • Sensors deception,
  • Jamming,
  • Easily expandable,
  • Remotely controlled,
  • Self powered,
  • Light-weighted.


EW C³I software applications: EWC³I comprises of a number of operationally independent subsystems, which collect and exchange information pertinent to the activities of the EW Units in both technical and tactical level. Depending on the varying operational needs, EWC3I subsystems can either operate autonomously or be organized hierarchically, under the supervision of a central command center, in multiple discrete levels based on their tactical activities.

Main Features:

  • Multi-tier modular application.
  • Provides tools for the retrieval, representation, filtering and multi-level analysis of the information concerning both ally and enemy EW activities.
  • Geographical User Interface that allows the online spatial representation of the information inserted in the EW database of the systems.
  • Reliable, speedy, seamless, immune and secure communications.
  • Utilization of maximum available bandwidth of Wireless tactical radio networks, Wired telecommunication, IP networks.
  • Formatted information according to military and commercial messaging protocols (ADatP-3, XML).
  • Communication through the complete chain of command.

Security & Surveillance

SONAK offers a series of surveillance, security and data acquisition integrated systems capable for real-time information gathering, processing, relay and management. The sensors and control equipment of these systems can be airborne or installed in vehicles or fixed ground stations. The technical and software features have been qualified and approved through extensive field trials, and consecutive sales to all the branches of the Hellenic Armed Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force).

Elements of the system’s configuration, as well as individual equipment built specifications may be altered in accordance with specific Customer requirements. Further to the hardware, SONAK incorporated the most advanced and state of the art technologies for the implementation of the Surveillance Information Management System, installed on-board the systems.

Main Features:

  • Wireless data and video transmission,
  • Graphical User Interface,
  • Storage of all critical information and data retrieval capabilities,
  • Planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating of tactical operations,
  • Multiple targets recognition, identification and monitoring,
  • 24-hrs coverage of large terrain areas, with emphasis in night operations,
  • Automatic activation of visual & acoustic alarm signals,
  • Use of advanced electro-optic sensors,
  • Real-time interception parameters analysis and intruder counter-action orders forwarding, with near to zero-possibility for intercept,
  • Low personnel requirements.

Management Information Systems

Over the years SONAK has delivered a number of MIS applications for the computerization of various departments of the Hellenic Ministry of Defense such as personnel departments, logistics organizations and military depots.

These applications are designed, developed and delivered, along with the required hardware, on a “turn-key” basis. SONAK engineers record all the end-user requirements and develop the application, mostly based on relational database, which fully automates the processes of the concerned service.

One of the programs awarded to SONAK in this field is the computerization of the General Secretariat for Financial Planning and Defense Investments, which is the pertinent authority for the Hellenic defense procurements. This project has started in 2000 and since then is continuously growing in scope as a result of this organization’s growth.

Weapons Overhaul

SONAK has implemented a significant investment in facilities and equipment, which today allows the performance of overhaul activities for major weapon systems. The efforts that are undertaken include the disassembly of the systems’ major items to the lowest level, to allow inspection, structural evaluation and corrosion detection, elimination and prevention. Parts that are either obsolete or beyond rework, are replaced, while the remaining are remanufactured on site. After reassembly, all items undergo inspection and "new-built" standard functional and structural testing.

The end result is a System, having the performance characteristics and functionality, of a System built from all-new components. Remanufacturing operations performed by SONAK, include: Parts/Items Disassembly & Assembly, Systems Mechanical/Electrical/Hydraulic rework, Machine Shop processes, Welding, Surface treatments, Delamination repair and CARC painting.

Main program under implementation is today the HAWK Missile System Overhaul, undertaken by Raytheon Systems who provided all the required know-how, technology and training.

Ammunition Fuses

Fuse, is a mechanic, electric, electronic, magnetic device, or combination, which activates the charge of ammunition in the desirable time and conditions. In 2004, SONAK decided to fully absorb the Defense Company Tekson S.A. This company is specialized in the design, development and production of fuses, an activity that now is continued by SONAK. The company has developed and produces fuses for various types of ammunition such as the 155mm and 4.2'' mortar ammunition. SONAK plans to further invest to this activity through the development of electronic fuses. The Company’s know-how in the electronics field will play a significant role to this effort.


Confusion of enemy sensor systems by using phantom vehicles and in particular tanks and howitzers has been used in recent conflicts extensively with significant success. In order a decoy to simulate a target and not to be discriminated with presently used sensors the decoy target should be close to the emissions and radar cross section of the real target such as a tank or a howitzer.

SONAK develops, under contract, tank and howitzer decoys for the Hellenic Armed Forces. Upon successful completion of the development stage, SONAK will deliver to the Hellenic Army 160 decoys for various types of tanks and howitzers existing in the Hellenic arsenal.

Main Features:

  • Light-weight,
  • Rapid deployment,
  • Easy transportation and storage,
  • Simulation of real tank’s and howitzer’s electromagnetic and IR signatures,
  • Visual simulation of the real target.


Currently the single end-user of the SONAK products is the Hellenic Ministry of Defense. Its products are delivered to the HMoD either through direct procurement contracts or through offset programs implemented by SONAK in the frame of offsets contracts that foreign companies sign with the Hellenic Government. In this respect, SONAK has a significant number of collaborative partnerships with the leaders of the defense industry worldwide:


  • BAE Systems,
  • Ericsson Microwave Systems AB,
  • Krauss-Maffei Wegmann,
  • Lockheed Martin Corporation,
  • Raytheon Company,
  • Boeing Company,
  • United Defense,
  • VT Group.


With all these companies SONAK has various contractual arrangements such as implementing part of their offset obligations, work as partner in the production of systems to be delivered to the Hellenic Armed Forces and provision of offset consulting services.


Sonak Systems & Software

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