About MAST

MAST Communications is a privately-held UK-based company whose owner (Warren Edge) has over twenty years’ experience in launching and running events in numerous sectors, not least defence, delivering highly personalised international trade-shows, conferences and seminars for senior-level defence and security operators and technologists.

Particularly focused on Undersea, Surface, Air, Space, and Cyber Platforms, Systems, and Technologies, MAST provides unmatched information, debates and networking opportunities, trusted and acted upon by Services, Government, Research & Technology, and Defence Industry worldwide leaders.

Guided by an Executive Advisers Board, Technical Conference Committee and Exhibition Steering Group, MAST’s events serve the diverse and evolving needs of their participant visitors, exhibitors, sponsors, delegates, authors and VIPs.

Additionally, for its Japanese events, MAST Communications’ subsidiary Japan Defence KK supports a Tokyo-based team including MAST Asia Chairman, former Defence Minister, and current Policy advisor to the Japanese Defence Minister, Professor Satoshi Morimoto.

Focused primarily on Naval (Undersea, Surface, Air, and Cyber) Platforms, Systems, and Technologies, MAST facilitates unique information exchange at a senior level amongst operators, technologists and political influencers alike.

MAST’s long-standing global community reaches some 21,000 members.

Opening Date:28/11/2018
Closing Date:30/11/2018
Location:New Delhi
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