Citizens and businesses have a legitimate interest in safeguarding public security, even though this is generally regarded as a task for the government. It is expected that the military, the police, the fire brigade, the ambulance service, the coast guard and other public security organizations have an appropriate response in the event of an emergency.

Our national security is inseparable from the developments around us. Although borders may no longer exist, security is still a question of sovereignty. Technology is developing exponentially and is becoming more and more accessible to a bigger group. Hence, our opponents have access to the latest technology. There seem to be few limitations to getting these tools. However, our government depends on various rules, which means that it takes some time for new technology to become available to our security organizations. Furthermore, industry is becoming increasingly international. In spite of that, the government tries to maintain its influence on the defence and security industry. European developments are also proceeding rapidly.
In short: security is becoming more and more complex.

Are the Dutch public security organizations capable of adapting to these rapidly changing circumstances?

Are the defence and security branches sufficiently adaptive, proactive, future-proof and flexible? What needs to be improved?

The Minister of Defence is striving for adaptive armed forces based on the Total Force Concept. In addition, the police and the fire brigade are also undergoing developments that are intended to lead to greater adaptivity.

Representatives of government and industry will give their opinions on the ability of our public security organizations to adapt during the NIDV Symposium on 30 November 2017 in Ahoy, Rotterdam. During the symposium, more than 130 companies will show their potential. Security organizations and businesses will comment on important security issues during the breakout sessions.

The speakers who will try to answer above-mentioned questions during the conference are the following

Next to the conference, four speakers will further endulge in the subjects. They will soon be announced on NIDV's website.

The NIDV cordially invites you to visit the NIDV Symposium.

The top political level of the Ministries of Defence, Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs and Security & Justice have also been invited. Members of the Dutch States General attend our event every year. We also offer a special programme for military attachés accredited in the Netherlands, while sister organizations of the NIDV from abroad are also invited. The European association of branch organizations of the defence and security industry will also attend. And last but not least, representatives of the armed forces, the police, the fire brigade, the ambulance service, the coast guard and other public security organizations will also be present. All in all, this is a perfect networking opportunity.

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Opening Date:30/11/2017
Closing Date:30/11/2017
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