With the ability to effectively communicate driving the tempo of the modern battlespace, the need to know ‘where I am, where my friends are and where the enemy is’ remains fundamental for the success of any operation.

This critical requirement has become ever more vital as militaries deploy in degraded environments to tackle asymmetrical threats and electronic warfare technologies which risk disrupting the allied ability to effectively operate.

SMi’s 12th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference returns to further explore key drivers causing the growing demand for flexible, protected, and interoperable CIS capabilities, and through expert led presentations, from some of the world's leading authorities, will discuss the challenges for both solution providers and end users of deployable communications.

Key topics include: SatCom on the move, software defined radios, ground terminals and network-enabled capabilities, standardising C4ISR networks, building tactical CIS networks and maximising data telemetry resiliency, operational feedback, research and development and much more!

Early bird discount: Register by 30th November to save £100!

Register online at: http://www.mobiledeployable.com/epicos  

For more information please contact: scargan@smi-online.co.uk

Opening Date:31/01/2019
Closing Date:01/02/2019
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