Dear partners and guests,

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe, we inform you that DEFEA – Defence Exhibition Athens, to be held in Athens, Greece, on 22-24 June 2020 has been moved to 11-13 May, 2021.

Even though DEFEA has not suffered any change in terms of either cancellations of participants or interest in the show, we believe that the concerns and difficulties of people and companies to travel would affect the overall quality of the event. 

Therefore, the DEFEA Organizers, in agreement with the Greek MoD – Ministry of Defence and the Hellenic Manufacturers of Defence and Security Material Association (SEKPY), have taken the decision of postponing the DEFEA from June 2020 to the new dates in May 2021, from 11th to 13th, always in Athens, Greece.

Over the next few days further details of our May exhibition will be available on our website.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this unprecedented situation.

Kind regards

DEFEA Organisers


Opening Date:11/05/2021
Closing Date:13/05/2021
Organizer:ROTA S.A.
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