Integrating Maritime Security and Surveillance Operations Through Collaboration and Next-Generation Technology

Today’s maritime security needs have become highly sophisticated and multi-dimensional with the exponential rise in maritime terrorism, drug trafficking, piracy and other non-traditional seaborne attacks. Technological advancements and modernization are also shaping governments’ spending in the maritime defence and security sector.

Following 15 years of continuous success, the Maritime Security & Coastal Surveillance series has established itself as the preferred annual gathering point for Navies, Coast Guards, Air Forces, Marine Police, Government Agencies and leading technology players.

  • Global market for new procurement of military platforms will be worth US$838 billion by 2029
  • Out of this, spending in the Asia-Pacific region is forecast to total US$274.9 billion, with major programmes including Australia’s Project Sea 5000 Future Frigate estimated at US$10.1 billion, China’s Type 003 aircraft carrier estimated at US$10.6 billion and India’s Arihant-class submarine estimated at US$8.2 billion.
  • Annual global spending across all classes of vessels is expected to increase from US$77 billion in 2019 to US$82 billion in 2024
  • Asia-Pacific is witnessing a surge in naval procurement as it reacts to growing capabilities among neighbouring countries. Excluding China and India, nations in the region are expected to spend in excess of US$95 billion by the end of 2029
Opening Date:03/12/2019
Closing Date:04/12/2019
Organizer:Defence IQ
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