The acquisition concerns delivery of parachutist oxygen systems and is intended to be used for high altitude jumping in the Danish Defence.

Extended TitleAcquisition of parachutist oxygen systems
Extended Description

The oxygen system is the overall description of the solution sought after by DALO. More specifically, to fulfill the requirements stated in the tendering material, the tender must be able to deliver.

— Oxygen masks,

— Oxygen bottles (pre-breathing and bailout),

— Oxygen console(s),

— Oxygen booster pump(s),

— Test equipment (used for verification of operative performance of the oxygen system).

A part of the evaluation of the offers consist of a user test scheduled to take place at the premises of SOKOM in Aalborg, Denmark, cf. more specifically in the Instructions to Tenderes part 7.3. It is important that the offered oxygen systems are ready for testing at the given dates. DALO expects to make an initial purchase of DKK 7-8 mio. after commencement.

As part of the first delivery of the oxygen system, the tender must enable a user course in order to train the parachutists and jumpmasters to fully use the oxygen systems. The tender must also in relation to the first delivery enable a technical course that enables the engineers and technicians of the Danish Defence Workshop (FH) to maintain and service the oxygen system. Please see Appendix A for further details of the education.

The tenderer must, upon request, be able to provide service to the end-users and deliver spare parts and subcomponents to these. The services refered to are both to be performed at the places of the Danish Defence Workshop and at the premises of the Supplier. It is however important to note that it is an optional use of the Supplier by DALO, as DALO also has an inhouse capacity performing the services.

Publication Date2018-01-17
Procurement StatusAwarded
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeSupplies
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationDanish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organizations
Attention OfMads Gøtke
AddressLautrupbjerg 1-5
Postal Code2750
Phone+45 72814000
Class Code35000000
Class DescriptionSecurity, fire-fighting, police and defence equipment
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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