Municipality of Kamza in the capacity of "Contracting Authority" invites Economic Operators to participate in an international procedure Concession / Private Public Partnership for providing the cleaning service, collection and waste selection of Kamza Municipality through construction and a transfer station in line with procedures and terms defined in these tendering documents, as well as terms of the contract.

The evaluated cost of the project is 1 389 833 694 (one billion three hundred eighty nine hundred eight hundred and thirty three thousand six hundred and ninety four) Lek without VAT .Contracting Authority has provided with respect to the repayment of the value invested by the concessionaire the fact that the concessionaire will be liquidated for a period of 12 years from the moment of signing the contract.

Extended TitleFor the Award of the Concession of the Cleaning, Collection, Transportation and Selection of Waste of Municipality Kamza
Extended Description

The cleaning, collection, transport and selection of urban waste through the waste differentiation plant will take place in the city of _____, with the following features:

— Collection and transportation of urban waste and markets,

— Washing and disinfection of containers,

— Maintenance of waste landfills during the day,

— Constructive and voluminous waste collection,

— Removal of walks and sidewalks,

— wiping of roads with machinery,

— washing the streets once a day,

— Installing the waste differentiation plant,

— Transport and storage of waste in the respective countries approved by the relevant authority.

Deadline Date2018-04-16
Publication Date2018-03-02
Procurement StatusActive
TypeConcession award procedure
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaOther
OrganisationBashkia Kamez
Attention OfBashkia Kamez
Postal Code1030
Class Code90610000
Class DescriptionStreet-cleaning and sweeping services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)