Within the privatisation programme of the Hellenic Republic, as it currently stands, HRADF is seeking to employ a specialised and highly experienced financial adviser (“Adviser”) in order to offer its services and the necessary assistance for the appropriate preparation and execution of the exploitation and development of the 10 ports by means of concession agreements (“Project”). The adviser should have a full understanding of the operational, commercial, financial and transactional dynamics and drivers of ports in Europe and particularly in Greece.

Extended TitleInvitation for expression of interest to act as financial adviser to the HRADF for the privatisation of the 10 non-listed port authorities
Extended Description

The adviser shall be required to provide its services throughout the project which is divided in 2 distinctive phases:

I— the preparatory period, and

II— the execution phase.

I— During the preparatory period covering services for all 10 ports, the adviser shall be required, inter alia:

a— to review any relevant available data, including, without limitation, all the existing historical financials, strategic and operational work done to date as regards the 10 ports, any studies, reports, business plans and forecasts relating to the 10 ports and more particularly the ports infrastructure,

b— in conjunction with other advisers of HRADF, submit a recommendation to the fund in respect to the object and structure of the envisaged individual transactions per Port (each a “Port Transaction”), which shall include the respective transaction timeline and a set of options from a strategic, business, financial and operational point of view in relation to the proposed course of action in order for HRADF to best implement and complete the project, taking into account, inter alia, value maximization and potential investor interest optimization. The adviser shall prepare and present the optimal methodology for implementing the project and each port transaction with its key assumption parameters and respective time-lines for its execution, in line with the relevant legislation as in force (the “Recommendation”).

II— During the execution phase of each port transaction the adviser, together with the other advisers of HRADF, shall assist, inter alia, in the co-ordination of each port transaction process from its initial preparation, the formation of the transaction documentation, to the final negotiation and consummation of each port transaction. In this respect, the adviser may be required indicatively to:

a— advise and, where appropriate, provide its expert services and assist HRADF to develop the appropriate sell story, identify any key potential investor requirements, attract proposals, offers or bids from potential investors, assess any such proposals, offers or bids and advise the HRADF on their relative merits,

b— following decision and appropriate notification by HRADF, for each port transaction, design, prepare and coordinate, together with other advisers of HRADF, all necessary procedural steps or actions required for the implementation of the tender for the port transaction

c— assist and advise HRADF in relation to the execution and closing of the port transaction and the fulfillment of any and all conditions precedent thereof, including any approvals and clearances from the competent national and European authorities and institutions, as deemed necessary.

Deadline Date2018-05-04
Publication Date2018-03-20
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationHellenic Republic Asset Development Fund SA
Attention OfYiannis Zapantis
Address1 Kolokotroni Street & Stadiou
Postal Code105 62
Phone+30 2103274400
Fax+30 2103274449
Class Code66171000
Class DescriptionFinancial consultancy services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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