The overall objective of the study is to contribute to increased knowledge among relevant decision makers on viable and effective approaches in EU Member States aimed at increasing the role of witnesses, which can be used to improve the level of responses to intimate partner violence. The specific objective is to propose solutions for future support of Member States in actively engaging witnesses in their efforts to tackle violence against women, and specifically intimate partner violence in the European Union.

Extended TitleStudy on Factors that Facilitate Witness Reporting of Intimate Partner Violence
Extended Description

In order to facilitate EIGE’s continued work on improving Member States’ and European Union’s responses to intimate partner violence against women, the study will aim to:

— review data (research, legal framework and policy) available in all Member States concerning the reporting of intimate partner violence by witnesses, in order to identify the types of witnesses, types of environment/circumstances where reporting of intimate partner violence by witnesses most often occurs and what are the factors which facilitate the reporting (and barriers which may limit that reporting),

— carry out in-depth qualitative research in selected 4 Member States in order to identify the factors which lead to the reporting of intimate partner violence by witnesses in the context of identified environments where reporting predominantly occurs. The research will include:

1) Interviews with professionals working with witnesses who report intimate partner violence; and

2) Interviews with individual witnesses who reported intimate partner violence and (3) focus groups,

— propose a range of targeted and specific recommendations on how to further facilitate and make better use of the reporting by witnesses of intimate partner violence.

The geographical scope of the study shall include all Member States of the European Union.

Publication Date2019-09-12
Procurement StatusAwarded
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OrganisationEuropean Institute for Gender Equality
AddressGedimino av.16
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Class Code73210000
Class DescriptionResearch consultancy services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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