EIT Digital wishes to enter into a Framework Agreement with one contractor for the provision of creative design services and/or deliveries for a maximum of 4 years and 3 months (4 ¼) years. Our objectives have been translated by EIT digital to the scope of the assignment, the requirements that are made for its implementation, the requirements which the tenderers have to meet in order to qualify for the Assignment and in the way the tenderer will be selected that provides the best value for money.

With this procedure we would also like to find a contractor that understands the international focus and activities of EIT digital. We expect contractor to communicate in English fluently and we expect contractor to deliver the services and/or products all over Europe — in principle — within 48 hours or quicker (except for sub-assignments on which a longer time spend is reasonable and agreed upon prior to the activity start).

Extended TitleDesign and Creative Services
Extended Description

In order to realize its goals, EIT Digital will request a range of design (on- and offline), campaign creation, print management and online animation services during a 4 ¼-year period. All design can be creative, as long as they are within the boundaries of the EIT Digital brand guidelines. All assets (incl. diagrams, tables, infographics, pictures, video material) should be delivered to EIT Digital as separate and editable format like InDesign or Photoshop files or similar for future use. The design work should always be done with the user and an increase of engagement in mind. All end products of the design work based on the to-be-made frame agreement signed between the winning tenderer and EIT digital are property of EIT Digital. Contractor will deliver the products digitally to client by e-mail, WeTransfer or similar.

The creation of following products and services EIT digital will request are amongst others and without excluding products and/or services (contractor cannot derive any rights on this specification):

— brochures,

— factsheets,

— invitations,

— social media post templates,

— powerpoint templates,

— posters,

— pull up banners,

— web banners,

— home page site internet,

— annual report,

— event design elements.

We expect (without Tenderers being able to derive any rights from this estimation) that the yearly activity of contractor will contain between 1 000 and 2 000 hours and those activities can both be ad-hoc (quick respond sub-assignments) as well as plannable (long-term sub-assignment). Tenderer should be able to respond to varying demand as well as it can cope with a structural delivery of services and products. For some of the sub-assignments it will be necessary to follow the instructions of the head of communications of EIT digital very strictly, while on other sub-assignments more creativity and proactive handling will be required. Tenderer needs therefore to be large enough to cope with this variety as well as with the amount of activities. EIT digital expects contractor to ensure the commitment of junior and senior employees in different roles like: designer, web developer, marketeer, PHP developer, creative director, video producer, photographer as well as any other creative roles in order to fulfil the assignment.

In addition to the assignment of creative design services, the winning tenderer will also obtain the first right on delivering hard copy printed deliverables, like brochures, posters etc. EIT Digital normally handles its own printing and copying. However, part of the scope of this assignment is the possibility of outsourcing these activities to Contractor. This request will be based on sub-assignments for which EIT digital will request an offer of contractor. One of the sub-assignments might for example be the printing and delivering of 3 000 copies of the annual report (approximately 85 pages full colour). Contractor will have the right to formulate an offer for each of these ‘repro’ activities, whereas EIT Digital has the right to challenge the offer for such printing/copying/repro activities (in the event it doesn’t seem to provide the best value for money), by requesting a competing offer from up to 2 companies.

Apart from the aforementioned: the Node entities are entitled but not obliged to assign (small local) sub-assignments to contractor based on the conditions of this agreement. sub-assignments from the Node entities are however not an initial part of the scope of the Assignment nor are they part of the current state described in the RFP. These assignments will be directly paid by the Nodes.

Deadline Date2019-08-23
Publication Date2019-07-12
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationEIT Digital IVZW
Attention OfSjors Apeldoorn
Addressrue Guimard 7
Postal CodeB-1040
Class Code79342000
Class DescriptionMarketing services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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