The contracted agency/agencies will support AICS in monitoring the implementation of the cash for work/employment intensive schemes (EIIP) by setting up a system, which will support local authorities and/or contractors to select beneficiaries, ensuring working conditions are respected as per labor law, establishing a feedback mechanism and reporting on the status of the activities. The contracted agency/agencies will also deliver a capacity-building programme to the selected local authorities and/or contractors.

Extended TitleCash for Work External Monitoring Mechanism and Capacity Building of Local Authorities
Extended Description

The contracted organization will implement a monitoring mechanism for our CfW — Cash for work and/or EIIP — Employment intensive infrastructure projects components. Where possible, the ILO standard operating procedures — cash-for-work and employment-based projects will be applied. The service will have to provide the following deliverables:

(a) support the local authorities and/or contractors in the selection of CfW/EIIP beneficiaries;

(b) establish a complaint a feedback mechanism;

(c) supervise the working conditions and the respect of international labour standards and domestic labour law (and any other relevant law);

(d) monitor the payments procedures and support local authorities and/or contractors in tracking them;

(e) establish a ‘Post Employment Service’ to assist beneficiaries in order to make educational, training and occupational choices and manage their careers.

Publication Date2019-08-09
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OrganisationAgenzia Italiana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo — AICS
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