The EUIPO is planning to award the tendering for the implementation of works at the EUIPO through two lots.

Lot 1: new implementation or renovation works. The competition reopening procedure will be applied for the awarding of the specific contracts for the implementation of works for an amount over 60 000 EUR and under or equal to 750 000 EUR (Contract Implementation Budget, CIB).

Lot 2: small works and operational modifications. The cascade procedure will be applied for the implementation of small works for an amount under or equal to 60 000 EUR (Contract Implementation Budget, CIB) and the implementation of operational modifications, in any of the buildings and campuses of the headquarters.

Extended TitleWorks for the European Union Intellectual Property Office
Extended Description

The scope of the services corresponding to lot 1: new implementation or renovation works is:

1) The material implementation of the new implementation and/or renovation works whose project budget is over 60 000 EUR and under or equal to 750 000 EUR (Contract Implementation Budget, CIB), from the technical documentation of the implementation including the supply and installation of equipment and all materials, tests and trials, labour and construction methods, guaranteeing that the timelines, prices and qualities established in the projects and/or technical documentation are respected;

2) Commissioning of the facilities attached to each work or installation performed;

3) Cleaning of work;

4) Delivery of the “As-built” documentation associated with the implementation of the work or installation;

5) Corrective maintenance of the installations over the associated warranty period. The preventive maintenance will be assigned obligatorily to the general maintenance company of the EUIPO, as indicated in the contract;

6) All technical, administrative, organisational and inspection activities needed to guarantee the required quality of the works, installations implemented and operational modifications.

Deadline Date2019-11-27
Publication Date2019-10-14
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationEuropean Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)
AddressAvenida de Europa, 4
Postal Code03008
Class Code45200000
Class DescriptionWorks for complete or part construction and civil engineering work
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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