The nature and format of fire data collected varies significantly across Member States and this poses an obstacle to data comparison and thereby to effectively assessing potential best practices and successful safety approaches.

The project aims at mapping the existing data and developing a proposal on how the lack of common data can be remedied to provide meaningful data sets to allow legislative decisions on fire safety at Member States and at EU level.

Extended TitleClosing Data Gaps and Paving the Way for Pan-European Fire Safety Efforts
Extended Description

The aim of the contract is to map the terminology used and the data collected by the EU Member States regarding fire events and to propose a common terminology and a method to collect the necessary data in each EU Member State with a view to obtain meaningful data sets (based on standardised terms and definitions). This in turn would allow for knowledge-based decisions regarding fire safety at MS and at EU level regarding buildings fires (i.e. houses, apartment blocks, office buildings, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools and kindergartens, elderly homes, etc.).

The pilot project could lead to a potential subsequent preparatory action to launch EU-level actions and initiatives to support Member States' efforts for fire safety and fire prevention, including in their building renovation efforts, thereby supporting safety for Europeans as well as sustainable growth and job creation in Europe.

In addition to covering the existing practices for fire safety terminology and data collection in the EU Member States the pilot project shall identify the best practices outside the EU at least in the USA, Canada, Norway and Australia. It shall also cover the existing fire safety terminology and data gathering harmonisation work within the EU and internationally.

Deadline Date2020-01-20
Publication Date2019-11-19
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