Country: Federal Democratic of Ethiopia

Promotor: Water Resource Development Fund

Name of the project: Jinka Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Credit No: No 84.177; Serapis No 2014-0053 (EIB), F.ROT/AID 15/005/0 (AICS), CET 1040 01 M (AFD)

Contract title: Civil Works, Supply and Installation of Pipes and Fittings and Supply and Installation of Electro-mechanical Equipment for Jinka Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project.

Procurement Ref. No: ICB/SNNPRS/WMEDB/WRDF/BF/CW/JT/01/2018

The Water Resource Development Fund, Hawassa, ETHIOPIA of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Promoter’) has received a loan and grant from the European Investment Bank – EIB, French Development Agency – AFD and Italian Development Cooperation – AISC or IDC (hereinafter referred to as ‘the DPs’) – towards the cost of the urban water supply and sanitation program.

The Promoter extends a loan to Jinka town water supply and sewerage office for the implementation of Jinka Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project. Southern Nations Nationalities and peoples regional statewater, mines and energy development bureau will be managing the implementation of the project on behalf of Jinka Town Water Supply and Sewerage Office.

Tendering will be conducted through the open procedures as specified in the tendering document and is open to all eligible tenderers. In addition, please refer to paragraph 1.5 setting forth the EIB Guide to Procurement’s policy on conflict of interest.

This contract will include construction of water treatment plant which consists of 1 000 m3 Clear Water Tank and 300 m3 Balancing Tank and Back Wash Tank, supply and installation of pipes and fittings accounting 79,50 km, auxiliary buildings, and supply and installation of electromechanical equipment.

This contract is expected to be implemented within 485 (four hundred eighty-five) calendar days from the start date.

The project is found in Southern Nations Nationalities and People Regional States (SNNPRS). It is found along Addis Ababa – Arbaminch – Jinka at distance of 750 km from Addis Ababa and 525 km from Regional Capital, Hawassa.

The criteria to be used in the tender evaluation include the following but not limited to:

(i) validity of tender;

(ii) tender security;

(iii) completeness of tender;

(iv) compliance of materials (Pipes and fittings and electro-mechanical equipment) offered with the minimum requirements set out in the technical specifications of tendering document;

(v) method statement demonstrating clear understanding of the works;

(vi) realistic construction schedule;

(vii) tender prices;

(viii) other evaluation criteria specified in the tendering document.

The criteria to be used in the tender qualification are, in decreasing order of importance:

(a) specific construction and contract management experience:

(i) minimum

— 1 (one) contract (including civil work construction, supply of pipes and fittings, and supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment) with a minimum value of 165 000 000,00 ETB or 5 200 000,00 EUR or 5 700 000,00 USD.


— 2 (two) contracts (including civil work construction and/or supply of pipes and fittings, and/or supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment) each of minimum value of 82 500 000,00 ETB or 2 600 000,00 EUR or 2 850 000,00 USD.

(ii) for the above and any other contracts completed and under implementation a minimum construction experience in the following key activities successfully completed:

Construction of urban water supply projects consisting of construction of diversion weir and conventional water treatment plant works, construction of pipe lines (DCI of

DN 400 and HDPE Pipes OD 315 to OD 110) of at least 30 km, Construction of concrete water retaining structure of size 1 000 m3 and above, construction of pumping stations,

supply and installation of electro-mechanical equipment for pumping stations.

(b) minimum average annual construction turnover of 200 000 000,00 ETB or 6 250 000,00 EUR or 6 900 000,00 USD within the last 5 (five) years.

(c) financial capabilities:

(i) the tenderer shall demonstrate that it has access to, or has available, liquid assets, estimated as 40 000 000,00 ETB or 1 250 000,00 EUR or 1 400 000,00 USD for the subject contract(s) net of the tenderers other commitments.

(d) key personnel: project manager, site engineer, structural/geotechnical engineer, office engineer, EM expert, surveyor, Forman, ESHS Expert (please see the detailed requirements in

the tendering document);

(e) equipment: chain/wheeled excavator with Jack Hammer (min. packet size of 1,5 m3), back/wheeled loader (min. packet size of 3 m3), dump truck (minimum 14 m3), water truck (12 m 3),

Concrete mixer (minimum 750 lt.), concrete vibrator, portable dewatering pump (minimum head of 12 m), truck mounted crane (minimum 5 tone), grader (minimum, 140HP), HDPE Pipe Welding Machine with

Portable Generator (welding up to OD315mm), Pick up four wheel Drive, Any other required equipment deemed to be necessary for the work. The details can be found in the Tender Documents.

Interested eligible tenderers may obtain further information from, and inspect the Tender Documents


South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional StateWater, Mimes and Energy Development Bureau, Procurement, Finance and Property Administration Directorate, In front of Hawassa University, Main Campus,1nd floor, room No 102, Hawassa, Ethiopia. Tel.+251-46-2126429/2212427, Fax +251-462-206998

A complete set of tendering documents may be purchased on the submission of an application to the above address, and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of 600,00 ETB (Six Hundred Birr) or 19,00 EUR(Nineteen) or 21,00 USD (Twenty-one). The method of payment will be in cash or cashier’s check or direct deposit to SNNPR/WRDF/Basket Fund Investment Program, Account Number: 1000200361125, Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Hawasa Branch.

On request, against a faxed copy of the evidence of the remittance, the tender may be sent by courier service if the transport is previously ordered by the tenderer in his country. The promoter bears no responsibility for the delivery in such a case.

A tender security of 2 000 000,00 ETB (Two Million) or 62 000,00 EUR (Sixty-two thousand) or 68 000,00 USD (Sixty-eight thousand) in the name of south nations nationalities and peoples regional state water, mines and energy development bureau fulfilling the conditions indicated in the tendering documents must accompany all tenders, and the tender is valid for 120 days.

All tenders must be delivered in closed envelopes bearing ‘Tender for ICB/SNNPRS/WMEDB/WRDF/BF/CW/JT/01/2018. Civil Work, Supply and Installation of Pipes and

Fittings and Supply and Installation of Electro-Mechanical Equipment of Jinka Town Water Supply and Sanitation Project’ not later than 30.1.2020 at 2 p.m. at the address below:

Tenders will be opened at the address below on 30.1.2020 at 2:30 p.m. in the presence of tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend.

South Nations Nationalities and Peoples Regional State Water, Mimes and Energy Development Bureau, Attention: Aschalew Seid, Regional Basket Fund Program Management Unit Coordinator Street Address: In front of Hawassa University, Main Campus Floor/Room number: 1nd floor, room No 102 City: Hawassa Country: Ethiopia

Tel. +251 46 212 6855/3460, Fax + 251462206998 Electronic mail

Deadline Date2020-01-30
Publication Date2019-12-05
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaNot applicable
OrganisationThe Water Resource Development Fund
Class Code39370000
Class DescriptionWater installations
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)