The framework agreement is for the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency's need for asphalt work at Ørland Air Station and in the central region.

The new national fighter jet base is mainly being established on existing areas for Ørland Air Station in Ørland Municipality. The establishment of the base will lead to considerable development of the air station, including an extension of the runway.

The framework agreement will be mainly used when asphalt is need in the fighter jet project at Ørland.

The contract can also be used for asphalt work in Trondheim and at Værnes, but the volumes here will be modest when seen in relation to the volume at Ørland.

Extended TitleFramework Agreement for Asphalt work at Ørland Air Station
Extended Description

The framework agreement is for the following approximate amounts:

(The figure is area x number of layers of asphalt, not the 'footprint').

All the projects mentioned below depend on approval and financing by the Ministry of Defence/the Norwgian Parliament.

A lot of uncertainty around the projects is not expected as such, but some uncertainty regarding dates.


— renewal yankee, approx. 290 000 — 350 000 m2 (plane operative area)

— renewal yankee, approx. 8 000 m2 (roads and open spaces)

— outer perimeter phase 5: Approx. 25 000 m2 (roads and open spaces) 2021/2022:

— shelter stage 2, approx. 140 000 m2 (plane operative surfaces)

— shelter stage 2, approx. 15 000 m2 (roads and open spaces)

— various minor projects/areas: 5 000 m2 (roads and open spaces) 2022/2023:

— renewal of the runway, etc., approx. 470,000 m2 (plane operative surfaces)

— various minor projects/areas: 5 000 m2 (roads and open spaces). The procurement makes up a total of approx. 1 038 000 m2 asphalt of varying thickness and quality.

There is uncertainty around the asphalting need, and the need can be greater or the amounts can be reduced. There can also be postponements of the asphalting dates so that the work lasts for a longer time.

Deadline Date2020-09-02
Publication Date2020-07-13
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaLowest price
Attention OfBjarne Ryvoll
AddressGrev Wedels plass 5
Postal Code0151
Phone+47 95903748
Class Code45235210
Class DescriptionRunway resurfacing
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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