Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) plans to tender 2 contracts regarding acquisition of Fast Rescue Boats (FRB) for the Danish Coastal Rescue Service.

By contract DALO understands a contract under which DALO will acquire a specific number of boats with possible options for additional boats.

In this connection, DALO wishes to conduct a market survey to identify potential bidders in order to better understand the market and optimize the tender material.

Interested suppliers can contact Martin Sigsgaard Gustavson, fmi-sd-aam03@mil.dk for further material in connection with the market survey.

The deadline for submitting answers to the market survey is Friday 25 September 2020 at 1 p.m.

Extended TitleRequest For Information – Acquisition of Fast Rescue Boats (FRB) for the Danish Coastal Rescue Service
Extended Description

Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO) plans to tender 2 contracts regarding acquisition of Fast Rescue Boats (FRB) for the Danish Coastal Rescue Service.

In connection with the tender process, DALO request information from possible bidders for a number of fast rescue boats for the Danish Coastal recue Service.

Common requirements for the two types of boats

— fixed hull and foam filled fenders,

— speed 40+ knobs,

— shall be able to sail directly onto sandy beach with up to 30 Knobs, without damage,

— shall have two completely independent propulsions systems,

— the vessel shall be equipped with AIS, Radar, echosounder, VHF, Iridium, and Sine Tetra radios,

— the vessel shall be equipped with 2 independent sets of Time zero electronic seachart,

— shall be able operate safe and reliable in the north sea, Seastate 6,

— The boat must be self righting and able to continue under its own power following a 360 degrees. capsize,

— the boat must be self bailing,

— shall be approved be relevant authority

— the boat must provide protected shelter and shock mitigated seats for the crew,

— infrared camera, with integrated day camera.

Requirements for the FRX 3X type (5+1+1 boats)

— length approximately 12 meter, with 4 meter, including fenders,

— max height from keel to top of folded antennas 4 meters

— draught max 0,8 meters,

— space for 4 crew, and 12 rescued persons, and a stretcher,

— independent inboard diesel engines, with waterjets,

— the boat shall able to operate in the north sea up to seastate 6.

Requirements for the FRB 06 new boat (1 boat)

— suitable for operation both in the north sea and the shallow waters east of Fanoe island,

— two independent outboard diesel engines,

— length between 8 and 9,5 meters including,

— with approximately 3 meter incl. fenders,

— space for 4 crew and 6 rescued persons,

— shelter for weather protection of the crew,

— draught maks. 70 cm,

— the boat shall be delivered with a trailer suitable for towing by tractor,

— the boat shall able to operate in the North Sea up to seastate 6,

— maximum height with folded antennas on trailer, 3.2 meters

Publication Date2020-08-31
Procurement StatusFuture
TypeNot applicable
Contract TypeSupplies
Award CriteriaNot applicable
OrganisationDanish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization
Attention OfMartin Sigsgaard Gustavson
AddressLautrupbjerg 1-5
Postal Code2750
Phone+45 72814224
Class Code34500000
Class DescriptionShips and boats
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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