Data storage services, training and simulation in military electronic systems, military electronic systems, battle simulators. The Army Headquarters Single Statement of User Need (SSUN) which Project Vulcan Ground Manoeuvre Synthetic Trainer (GMST) will deliver against is: ‘Vulcan seeks to establish a comprehensive simulator system to satisfy individual (driver, gunner, commander) and crew training for MIV, WCSP and CR2 LEP+ and planned, both technically and commercially, to exploit emerging technology and expand to other vehicle fleets over time.’

Project Vulcan will deliver simulated driver, commander and gunner training for WR CSP, CR2 LEP+ and MIV, via a coherent pan-platform simulation systems architecture. It will replace the planned single platform crew training simulation solutions for WCSP, MIV and CR2LEP and extend the driving simulation capability to all three fleets. Model crew stations will enable individual teaching and testing in a classroom, through to integrated crew level training at troop/platoon level (max four vehicles). The equipment design should enable company/squadron level training if additional infrastructure and network connectivity is provided. An open systems architecture and templated hardware profiles to support rapid reconfiguration and future exploitation will enable the core software to be re-used in crew training for other platforms. Simulation will enable realistic and complex training that cannot be conducted live on the UK training estate, thus maintaining operational effectiveness. Its approach will be evolutionary and will exploit the essential features of the in-service Armoured Vehicle Training Aids (AVTA) which have been developed over time to assist instructors in delivering consistent standards of training whether it is centralised at ARMCEN or distributed in the Field Army.

It is anticipated that the initial contract duration shall run for 5 years from March 2022 until end of March 2027. Also, that the Authority shall have irrevocable options to extend the contract up to a further two 5-year until end of March 2032 and March 2037 respectively.

In issuing this contract notice and engaging with the market, the authority is not committing to carrying out any procurement in relation to the requirements stated in this notice. If third parties are interested in engaging with the authority in relation to the requirements stated here they must do so without sharing information that is protected by copyright or patents.

Deadline Date2020-11-30
Publication Date2020-09-08
CountryUnited Kingdom
Procurement StatusActive
TypeNegotiated procedure
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
Valuebetween 80 000 000 and 90 000 000
OrganisationMinistry of Defence, Land Equipment, Training and Simulation Systems Programme (TSSP)
Attention OfBob Wade
AddressMoD Cedar 2B, Mail Point #3260, MoD Abbeywood, Bristol
Postal CodeBS34 8JH
Phone+44 1179132548
Class Code72317000
Class DescriptionData storage services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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