The contract will include two key elements:

(a) provision of threat and security, as well as safety information with regard to conflict zones, armed insurgency or any region of airspace in which there is an assessed threat or risk to aviation, to be delivered promptly in a format allowing further dissemination without delay. This shall allow real-time identification of incidents, events, indicators and trends that might impact the safety or security of flights;

(b) provision of a software platform to be used for sharing of threat and security, as well as safety information between the Agency, EU Institutions, EASA Member States and air operators in a secure and user-friendly manner. The platform shall be maintained and updated in order to ensure integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of information.

Extended TitleConflict Zones Platform
Extended Description

As outlined in section 2.3 of the Procurement Document (Technical Specifications).

Deadline Date2020-10-26
Publication Date2020-09-24
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationEuropean Union Aviation Safety Agency
AddressKonrad-Adenauer-Ufer 3
Postal Code50668
Class Code72300000
Class DescriptionData services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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