ENISA would like to procure business grade laptops and docking stations for its staff. The requirements are for 13.3 or 14 inch screen sized laptops with a maximum weight below 1.4 kg and 1,5 kg respectively (charger not included in weight calculation) and for 100 % compatible docking stations.

Extended TitleLaptop Computers and Docking Stations
Extended Description

It is anticipated that approximately EUR 140 000 will be spent before the end of 2020 for our immediate needs.

Deadline Date2020-10-29
Publication Date2020-09-29
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeSupplies
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationEuropean Union Agency for Cybersecurity
Attention OfProcurement Officer
Address1 Vasilissis Sofias Street
Postal Code15124
Phone+30 2814409711
Class Code30200000
Class DescriptionComputer equipment and supplies
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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