The ECB is seeking interested suppliers to participate in a tender for interpretation services. To fulfill its mandate, the ECB regularly organizes high-level meetings with internal end external stakeholders for which interpretation services are required. It is estimated to have 100-150 meetings annually where interpretation may be needed in all EU languages. Due to the Covid situation, estimations may change in the future and interpretation requirements may change. The ECB envisages to sign a framework agreement for a maximum of 4 years with the supplier offering best value for money.

Extended TitleProvision of Interpretation Services
Extended Description

The ECB is seeking a supplier who can provide:

(a) interpretation services for very high level meetings such as Governing Council meetings followed by press conferences, executive board level meetings, etc.;

(b) interpretation services for central banking and banking supervision (SSM) meetings conducted at the business level;

(c) a fixed pool of qualified interpreters accredited by the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) or by an internationally recognised organisation for interpretation services or accredited by other international organisations or national authorities; with the option to change the composition of the pool after approval of the ECB;

(d) generally two interpreters for most of the meetings; with an option to increase the number of interpreters in some specific cases e.g. ESCB/SSM meetings;

(e) senior interpreters with multiple years of experience in the public sector, specifically experienced in dealing with issues similar to the nature of the tasks conducted by the ECB, ESCB and SSM;

(f) interpretation services in all European Union languages plus a few other international languages, principally to and from English;

(g) a head coordinator i.e. a single point of contact for the ECB who is also an interpreter to arrange for the interpretation services; in case of absence of the head coordinator, a secondary single point of contact for the ECB;

(h) remote interpretation as per AIIC guidelines for distance interpretation.

Suppliers shall be able to provide:

(i) simultaneous interpretation services;

(ii) consecutive interpretation services;

(iii), whispering interpretation services; and

(iv) remote interpretation services.

All the technical equipment required for the interpretation services will be provided by the ECB, except for remote interpretation services for which the suppliers shall be responsible for the provision of a distance interpretation site and necessary equipment.

Deadline Date2020-10-20
Publication Date2020-09-29
Procurement StatusActive
TypeCompetitive procedure with negotiation
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationEuropean Central Bank
Attention OfCentral Procurement Office
AddressSonnemannstrasse 22
TownFrankfurt am Main
Postal Code60314
Phone+49 69/13440
Fax+49 69/13447110
Class Code79540000
Class DescriptionInterpretation services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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