The works are expected to be carried out over a 3 years period and the contractor is required to maintain the road under specified conditions (or service level) over a 7 years period following upgrading/rehabilitation. Works are expected to start in May 2021.

Extended TitlePackage 4: Improvement and Maintenance of the National Road 13 South, Section (Length 78 km) from (Km 268+000) to (km 346+000) in Khammouan Province
Extended Description

This bidding is governed by the applicable legislation of Lao PDR, including the remedy mechanism available to tenderers and the procedures for settlement of disputes. The bidding procedure is carried out in line with EIB’s Guide to Procurement. The contract shall be placed under open tendering with two-envelope system, without pre-qualification.

The scope of the bid for package 4 stated above for the entire chainage, among others, comprises:

• detailed design

• rehabilitation and improvement works

• maintenance services.

The works and maintenance shall be carried out under Output-and Performance-based Roads Contract (OPBRC) which is designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of road asset management and maintenance.

The contractor(s) shall carry out the following rehabilitation works, which are detailed in the specifications: The project covers: improvement of National Road 13 South from km 268+000 to km 346+000 within 3 year, and the delivery of maintenance services of the project road over a 10 year period (including running in parallel with the rehabilitation and improvement works for the first 3 years). The total contract period is 10 years.

Deadline Date2021-01-12
Publication Date2020-10-16
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationMinistry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT)
Attention OfMr. Souksakon Venvongsoth, NR13S Project Manager
AddressLaneXang Avenue, Saysettha District
Postal CodeP.O. Box 2158
Phone+85 621412714
Fax+85 621414132
Class Code45233100
Class DescriptionConstruction work for highways, roads
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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