This is part of the support to governance reform programme where in the civil service reform component is embedded. Under the Civil service reform component the procurement of IT equipment's, motor vehicles and motor cycles is necessary in order to strengthen the two beneficiary institutions in the management of the Human Resource Management office and the Public Service Commission; the two beneficiaries.

Extended TitleSupply of IT Equipment, Motor Vehicles and Motor Cycles for the Multi Annual Programme Estimate under the Civil Service Reform Component of the Support to Governance Sector programme
Extended Description

Motor vehicles and motor cycles for the multi annual programme estimate under the civil service reform component of the Support to Governance Sector programme.

Publication Date2020-11-23
CountrySierra Leone
Procurement StatusFuture
TypeNot applicable
Contract TypeSupplies
Award CriteriaNot applicable
OrganisationGovernment of Sierra Leone represented by the National Authorising Officer
Attention OfNfa kargbo
Class Code34100000
Class DescriptionMotor vehicles
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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