The contracting authorities intend to enter into parallel framework agreements with up to three tenderers for the purchase of new ICT equipment.

The aim of the procurement is to cover the contracting authority's ongoing need for ICT equipment in a cost efficient way. The aim of the contract structure and terms is to cover the ongoing need in an efficient and rational manner. It is a significant element of the contract to reduce the municipality's total costs, both through the lowest possible prices and through low transaction and administration costs.

The supplier must use his expertise and competence to contribute to fulfilling the objective of the contract.

Extended TitleNO-20-04 ICT Equipment
Extended Description

The procurement includes the delivery of new ICT equipment within the following product categories:

— clients, monitors and accessories;

— network equipment and server equipment;

— tablet PCs and mobile telephones with accessories.

See the attached price form for more detailed information. Second hand equipment is not included in this contract.

Network equipment in this contract includes Os, Folldal, Rendalen, Alvdal, Tynset and Tolga municipalities, but not Røros and Holtålen.

The withdrawal for 2019 amounted to approx. NOK 7 million excluding VAT. The stated volume is based on historical figures. This is a framework agreement and does not carry any purchase obligation for the contracting authority. Changes in organisation, budget and routines can affect the total volumes.

Deadline Date2021-05-20
Publication Date2021-04-22
Procurement StatusActive
TypeOpen procedure
Contract TypeSupplies
Award CriteriaLowest price
OrganisationRøros, Os, Holtålen, Folldal, Alvdal, Rendalen, Tolga og Tynset kommuner
Attention OfChristian Jakobsen
AddressABAKUS AS, Postboks 128
Postal Code2440
Phone+47 47476000
Fax+47 62458030
Class Code30200000
Class DescriptionComputer equipment and supplies
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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