Stavanger kommune (Stavanger Municipality) hereby invites interested suppliers to apply for qualification to a Dynamic Purchasing System for carpentry services and associated materials.

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Extended TitleDynamic Purchasing System — Carpentry Services
Extended Description

The scheme will include the contracting authority's municipal buildings and residences, including schools, nursery schools, residential and activity centres, nursing homes and retirement homes, swimming pools and sports centres, office buildings, arts centres, municipal rental housing, health centres, etc.

Call-offs on the scheme will primarily concern minor investment and maintenance projects based on the at any given time applicable action and financial plan, primarily as execution contracts or builder-developed turnkey contracts.

The contract works include all types of carpentry work, hereunder:

— facade work;

— repairs to and construction of internal walls;

— damage limitation and securing buildings in the event of break-ins and vandalism;

— replacing doors and windows;

— asbestos removal work;

— wet room work;

— fire protection/proofing;

— reconstruction, additions, rehabilitation and refurbishing of various scope, including restoration of municipal residences;

— work on listed buildings/buildings worthy of protection with an historical value;

— engineering design work for all carpentry works included in the agreement, to the scope required by the contracting authority.

The contract works also include material deliveries, disposal of demolition material and safety measures for own personnel and the building users, and in some circumstance construction site administration and progress control of sub-contractors. Some call-offs can contain elements of minor concrete works, welding, form work, masonry, plastering and tiling works, laying cardboard sheeting and simple tinsmith tasks in association with carpentry assignments. The list is only for information and is not binding for the contracting authority.

The scheme does not include carpentry works or materials:

— for larger new construction and reconstruction/rehabilitation projects where the contracting authority conducts its own competitions with ordinary announcement;

— for projects/assignments that the contracting authority has the capacity and competence to carry out in-house;

— covered by the at any given time framework agreement for delivery of carpentry work and associated materials, currently assignments with an estimated contract value of less than NOK 200 000 excl. VAT, or urgent assignments where contract signing can not be postponed during the time period it will take to complete a call-off on the dynamic purchasing scheme

— covered by adjacent framework agreements, for example such as a framework agreement for the purchase of lumber and building materials or framework agreement for the purchase of kitchens.

Deadline Date2031-09-01
Publication Date2021-06-22
Procurement StatusActive
TypeRestricted procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationStavanger kommune
Attention OfMarit Fjellanger Bøhm
AddressPostboks 8001
Postal Code4068
Phone+47 41649907
Class Code45422000
Class DescriptionCarpentry installation work
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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