Engineering, manufacturing design, manufacturing qualifications, material procurement, manufacturing, factory acceptance tests and delivery at site of the 2 (two) neutral beam vacuum vessels for neutral beam injectors 1 and 2.

Extended TitleSupply of the Two (2) Vacuum Vessels for the Neutral Beam
Extended Description

The procurement of the Heating Neutral Beam (HNB) vessels is constituted of the Beam Line Vessel (BLV) with the top lid and the Beam Source Vessel (BSV) with the rear lid and is based on Build-to-Print (Bt-P) specifications.

Based on these Build-to-Print specifications, the scope of work of the supplier includes, mainly:

1. manufacturing engineering:

— manufacturing plan;

— 2D drawings for material procurement, manufacturing and testing;

— procedural baselines for manufacturing sequence, welding, NDE and distortion management;

— a Manufacturing Readiness Review (MMR) that authorizes start of procurement and manufacturing activities after successful demonstration by the supplier. Earlier procurement of raw materials is subjected to the approval of F4E;

2. procurement:

— base materials for the vessels steel structures;

— filler Materials;

— bolts and inserts;

— off-the-shell products;

3. manufacturing:

— machining;

— forming;

— metrology;

— welding;

— NDT of the welds such as VT, PT, RT, UT;

— final cleaning;

4. factory testing:

— cooling penetration pressure test;

— vacuum leak tests;

— metrology.

5. packaging and shipment to ITER Cadarache.

Delivery condition: The three main separate assemblies of each Neutral beam vessel, the BLV, BSV and Instrumentation Feedthrough box shall be shipped each item completely assembled with all the openings closed.

6. documentation:

— quality documentation;

— manufacturing documentation;

— End of Manufacturing Report (EMR) dossier.

In addition the supplier will design and procure the jigs, fixtures and frames that supplier needs for construction of the equipment. These items are not specified by F4E.

The main dimensions and weight of the NB Vessel welded stainless steel structures:

— 10,3 m x 4,25 m x 3,6 m (high) and 55 tons for the BLV;

— 4,60 m x 5,59 m x 5,5 m (high) and 39 tons for the BSV;

— 9,50 m x 3,38 m x 0,3 m (thick) and 17.5 tons for the top lid;

— 4,70 m x 4,58 m x 0,4 m (thick) and 12 tons for the rear lid;

— 5,50 m x 0,5m x 0,4 m (thick) and 5 tons for the Instrumentation Feedthrough Box.

The NB Vessels parts have been designed in accordance with the Nuclear code RCC-MR 2007 (class 2). The manufacturing code of the NB Vessels shall be RCC-MR 2007. The NB Vessels are classified ITER Quality Class 1 and ITER Safety Class 1 but are not subject to PED or ESPN.

The BLV, BSV, Feedthrough Box, top lid and rear lid steel structures are made of 316LN stainless steel.

Publication Date2021-08-05
Procurement StatusFuture
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OrganisationEuropean Joint Undertaking for ITER and the Development of Fusion Energy (F4E)
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Phone+34 934897432
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Class DescriptionPressure vessels
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