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Extended TitleTechnical Assistance for “METU Digital Innovation Centre”
Extended Description

The objective of this project is to improve the research and development capacity and collaboration between academia and industry for the enhancement of digital technologies utilization by the manufacturing industry SMEs. The purpose of this contract is to increase digital technology utilization by the manufacturing industry SMEs and create a sustainable digital transformation ecosystem for Turkish manufacturing industry (specifically for machinery and automotive industries) through the establishment of a Digital Innovation Centre (DIC). The Centre will be in service to assist industry SMEs in digital transformation through process/product and business development particularly in digital transformation/industry 4.0 applications, establishing laboratories to be used for SMEs’ digital transformation needs and upgrading processes and products to the level of Industry 4.0, trainings, design and innovation capabilities, pilot applications, analysis and consultancy services. The Centre and the partners of the Operation will need to have strong stakeholder engagement, planning base, right tools and capability on all aspects of digital transformation and innovative approach to support industrial SMEs through their transformation and create success stories to attract long term interest in the Centre’s services.

The project consists of four pillars:

1. Needs and investment focus of the SMEs in automotive suppliers and machinery sectors identified and cooperation between these sectors and academia improved: The general objective of this pillar is to explore the global and national ecosystem and identify possible connection pathways of the project with these systems. The possible technology exploitation channels will be highlighted in an analytical manner, based on this information sectoral priorities and role of the METU-DIC will be determined.

2. Solution based R&D infrastructure for provision of digital services to SMEs improved: This pillar will cover planning of the METU-DIC to ensure a smooth and sustainable operationalization to be able to serve the prioritized (automotive and machinery) sectors SMEs digital technology solution needs.

3. Transformative skills of METU and stakeholders increased: Under this pillar, trainings of trainers and visits for the capacity development of METU-DIC; trainings and cluster development support to the stakeholders; publicity, visibility, networking and EU programmes access support will be provided. The supply chain and connected value chains will be considered in detail for an effective capacity building activity of the stakeholders.

4. Services tested and digital transformation and innovation skills of SMEs improved: The capacity established within the METU-DIC and the project partners will be put into operation under this pillar. The SMEs will receive the first round of comprehensive digital transformation services by the centre and their awareness on complimenting EU programmes will increase.

Deadline Date2022-06-28
Publication Date2022-05-17
Procurement StatusActive
TypeRestricted procedure
Contract TypeServices
Award CriteriaThe most economic tender
OrganisationMinistry of Industry and Technology, DG for EU and Foreign Affairs, Directorate of EU Financial Programmes (MoIT/DoEUFP)
Class Code73000000
Class DescriptionResearch and development services and related consultancy services
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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