The subject of this contract is Construction of a new approx. 5,25 km long motorway section including major structures: Tunnel Kvanj, Viaduct Rotimski potok, and overpass Rujevice.

Extended TitleConstruction of motorway on Corridor Vc, section Tunnel Kvanj-Buna
Extended Description

Procurement will follow a restricted procedure (with prequalification), followed by single-stage tender.

In the Prequalification (PQ) Process, Applicants shall submit a PQ Application Form providing information essential to evaluate the Applicant’s qualification subject to the terms and conditions of the PQ Application Form document. The PQ Application Form is available from the Procuring Entity as described above. Only applications submitted in the format of a PQ Application Form shall be accepted; any other application shall be rejected. PQ Application Forms will be issued only to Applicants who directly contact the Procuring Entity through the address above. All clarifications and any amendments or addenda will be communicated in writing with all Participants who have properly obtained the PQ Application Form.

The Procuring Entity shall undertake the evaluation of applications in accordance with the terms of the PQ Application Form. It shall notify all Participants about the outcome of Prequalification in writing. Only firms and JVCA that have been prequalified under the Prequalification process will be invited to tender.

In a subsequent step, shortlisted Applicants having passed the PQ shall be invited to submit Tenders in accordance with conditions of Tender Documents.

The Procuring Entity shall award the Contract to the Applicant whose Tender has been determined to be the lowest price of the compliant and technically responsive tender providing also the tenderer meets the tender capacity constraint that may be set down in the tender document.

The contract will be financed with the proceeds of a loan from the European Investment Bank (“the Bank” or the “EIB”) and a grant from the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF).

The Bank shall not provide or otherwise make funds available, directly or indirectly, to or for the benefit of an individual or entity that is subject to financial sanctions imposed by the EU, either autonomously or pursuant to the financial sanctions decided by the United Nations Security Council on the basis of Article 41 of the UN Charter and EU sanctions giving effect to UN Security Council resolutions that impose sanctions.

Firms originating from all countries of the world are eligible to tender. However, applicants shall not be in conflict of interest or have been declared ineligible by the Bank.

The applicable law is the law of BiH. The applicable procurement rules are the EIB’s Guide to Procurement (GtP) which can be downloaded at:

The EIB Anti Fraud Policy and EIB Exclusion Policy apply. Applicants must complete and sign a covenant of integrity as part of their PQ Application Form. Failure to submit a properly completed and signed covenant may lead to rejection of an application and other remedy under applicable EIB policies.

The remedy mechanism is described in the application form.

Deadline Date2022-10-10
Publication Date2022-08-09
Procurement StatusActive
TypeRestricted procedure
Contract TypeWorks
Award CriteriaLowest price
OrganisationPC Motorways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Ltd Mostar
Attention OfLejla Hodžić
AddressHamdije Kreševljakovića, 19
Postal Code71000
Phone+387 33277922
Fax+387 33277901
Class Code45233120
Class DescriptionRoad construction works
SourceOffice for Official Publications of the European Communities - Tenders electronic daily (Ted)

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