SOLICITATION NUMBER:          720FDA20B00003

ISSUANCE DATE:                          November 7, 2019

CLOSING DATE AND TIME:       June 4, 2020, 12:00 P.M. Eastern Time

SUBJECT: Solicitation for U.S. Personal Service Contractor (USPSC)

Dear Prospective Offerors:

The  United  States  Government  (USG),  represented  by  the  U.S.  Agency  for  International 
Development  (USAID)  Office  of  U.S.  Foreign  Disaster  Assistance  (OFDA),  is  seeking  offers 
from  qualified  U.S.  citizens  to  provide  personal  services  as  a  Senior  Private  Sector  
Advisor under a United States Personal Services Contract (USPSC), as described in the solicitation.

Submittals must be in accordance with the attached information at the place and time specified. 
Offerors interested in applying for this position MUST submit the following materials:

1.   Complete resume. In order to fully evaluate your offer, your resume must include:

(a)  Paid  and  non-paid  experience,  job  title,  location(s),  dates  held  (month/year),  and  
hours worked   per   week   for   each   position.   Any   experience   that   does   not   include 
  dates (month/year), locations, and hours per week will not be counted towards meeting the 
solicitation requirements.

(b) Specific duties performed that fully detail the level and complexity of the work.

(c) Education and any other qualifications including job-related training courses, job-related 
skills, or job-related honors, awards or accomplishments.

(d) U.S. Citizenship

(e) Optional:  How did you hear about this opportunity? (FedBizOpps, OFDA Jobs, Career Fair, etc.).

Your resume must contain sufficient information to make a valid determination that you fully meet  
the  experience  requirements  as  stated  in  this  solicitation.  This  information  must  be 
clearly identified in your resume. Failure to provide information sufficient to determine your 
qualifications for the position will result in loss of full consideration.

2.   Supplemental document specifically addressing the Quality Ranking Factors (QRFs) shown in the 

3.   USPSC Offeror form AID 309-2. Offerors are required to complete sections A through I. This 
form must be physically signed. Electronic signatures will not be accepted. AID 309-2

is available at


All  USPSCs  with  a  place  of  performance  in  the  United  States  are  required  to  have  a  
Data Universal  Numbering  System  (DUNS)  number  and  be  registered  in  the  System  for  Award 
Management (SAM) database prior to receiving an award. You will be disqualified if you either fail 
to comply with this requirement or if your name appears on the excluded parties list.  The selectee 
will be provided with guidance regarding this registration.

NOTE: As of March 28, 2018, all new entity registrations will now require a signed 
notarized letter identifying the authorized Entity administrator for the entity associated with the 
DUNS number. Additional information on the format of the notarized letter and where to submit can 
be found via the below Federal Service Desk link: 

Offerors  can  expect  to  receive  a  confirmation  email  when  offer  materials  have  been  
received. Offerors should retain for their records copies of all enclosures which accompany their 
offers. Your complete resume and the supplemental document addressing the QRFs must be emailed to:

OFDA Recruitment Team

E-Mail Address: Website:

Any  questions  on  this  solicitation  may  be  directed  to  OFDA  Recruitment  Team  via  the 
information provided above.


Renee Newton

Contracting Officer

Deadline Date2020-06-04
Publication Date2019-11-07
CountryUnited States of America
Procurement StatusActive
OrganisationAgency for International Development
Attention OfOFDA Recruiting, Email
Address1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Room 7.10-006 Washington DC 20523
Class DescriptionProfessional, administrative, and management support services
SourceFederal Business Opportunities (FBO)

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