GRDC currently invests in over $170M dollars annually in R,D&E projects. Datasets are a major output from these projects. In this procurement, GRDC is seeking to engage a service provide to make a Grains R,D&E Data Catalogue to describe these datasets.

The Data Catalogue will enable activities under GRDC’s Data Management and Analytics Core Framework, which is a part of GRDC’s 2018-23 R,D&E Plan. A focus of the Data Framework is making GRDC’s R,D&E data FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable. The Catalogue will help make data findable. Datasets can be described in the catalogue, which will be searchable online. This helps growers, researchers, and innovators know what data exists and could be re-used, with following benefits:

  • accelerate R,D&E outcomes
  • drive innovation through unlocking new opportunities with data and analytics
  • improve re-use of datasets and avoid duplication
  • new insights for the grains industry

This platform is not a repository, and will exist to point users to the location of GRDC-owned datasets so that they can apply to the relevant custodian for safe access to the data. GRDC’s approach to sharing or licensing of data are unchanged by the development of this Catalogue. GRDC will still share/license datasets under terms that have been agreed with dataset co-owners and consistent with its Commercialisation Principles. The Data Catalogue platform will integrate with internal and external (e.g. Research Data Australia) systems to maximise utility and visibility. It will include automated reporting on ownership, distribution, conditions of use, usage levels and commercialisation considerations. This approach to market is two-stage, starting with this call for Expressions of Interest. For further background information, including guiding principles for data management at GRDC, please see Attachment 1 - Statement of Requirements.

Please refer to the GRDC webpage for details:

Deadline DateNone Provided
Publication Date2021-09-16
Procurement StatusActive
SourceAustralian Government Tender System (AusTender)

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