Description: ASRC, Arctic Slope Regional Corporation Communications, LTD under the BOS contract FA3002-16-C-0004 is contemplating the issue of solicitation Construct Covered Storage at Facility 210. The Contractor shall furnish all supervision, labor, equipment, consumable materials, supplies, tools and other items to complete the construction of listed in the scope of work. All quotes will include all shipping charges for completion of the project. The contractor shall coordinate all work with ASRCC construction management before starting any work. The below list of items are to be considered the general scope of work for this project. The work covered under this statement of work shall consist of the following: Construct covered storage structure. The Structure should be a clear span bolt up pre-engineered metal building that consist of walls on three sides and a single sloped roof, similar in style and color to the existing structure and according to The Base Architectural Standards. As part of the bid package the contractor must submit engineering shop drawing of the structure and foundations along with specifications on the proposed structural steel members and roof sheeting. The drawing should include all designed building loads such as but not limited to roof dead loads, collateral loads, roof live loads, roof snow loads, basic wind speed and seismic zone. All loads shall meet ASCE 7-16 design standards.  The opening must face the east into the DROM fenced storage area and have a 12 foot minimum vertical clearance. The overall height of the structure shall match that of the current DRMO facility. The approximate height of the current facility is 17-ft 4-inchs tall. The contractor shall field verify the dimensions of the structure and gain approval from the ASRCC construction manager before ordering the structure. Width of the building is 20 foot wide. Length of the building is 94 foot long. The spacing between support columns should be no less than 18-ft on center. The contractors can submit a design with longer column spacing as long as the design meets the engineering standards listed in this statement of work.  Roofing must be constructed of R2 metal paneling. The color must be Kynar 500 - Colonial Red. The structure should be a pre-engineered steel structure, the frame should be constructed of red primer coated steel. The sizes of the structural members and placement of the purlins are to be determined by the building manufacturer.   Siding must be constructed of R2 26 gauge metal paneling. The color must be Federal Color 21667 or 20400. Gutters and down spouts must be installed on the west face of the structure. Three, 2 ft. x 4 ft., louvered ventilation panels must be installed on the west face of the building. A mow strip must be provided on the west face of the building. Provide a minimum of 1 foot of the existing pavement beyond the termination of the gutter down spout. Clean site to preconstruction conditions or better. The contractor shall provide a standard 1 year contractors warranty for all labor and material from date of the base's acceptance of completion. Quotes to include not less than prevailing wage labor rate for Garfield County, OK. Proposals must be valid for a minimum of 180 days. Owner reserves the right to reject any bid which does not completely satisfy the scope of work above. The contractor must provide basic engineering drawing and specification of the proposed pre-engineered structure and footings for review as part of the bid package. A 20% Bid Bond is required to bid on this project.


Notice to Offeror (s)/Supplier (s):  Funds are not presently available for this effort.  No award will be made under this solicitation until funds are available.  The Government reserves the right to cancel this solicitation, either before or after the closing date for receipt of proposals.  In the event the Government cancels this solicitation, the Government has no obligation to reimburse an offeror for any cost.   

Qualifications: The lowest responsible bidder is the contractor whose bid was in substantial conformity to the Specifications and Plans and who have satisfactory previous experience in the types of work contained in this solicitation and have a successful track record performing the types of work contained in the project? The dollar amount is only one factor in determining the lowest responsible bidder. 

Award: The contract cannot be awarded until the USG has received and accepted the winning proposal.  Upon receipt of concurrence from the Government the Contracting Officer will execute the contract to the winning bidder.  In the absence of funding no contract will result. Should funds be provided, to be considered for award of this project a contractor must be aware at Vance AFB also has strict Base access regulations and commercial inspections are mandatory with each entry to the facility. There shall be no legal liability on the part of the Government or ASRC should funding not be provided.

Bid Evaluation: ASRC Federal must consider a bidder's experience, reputation for satisfactory work, reference checks, financial, technical competence, Duns & Bradstreet evaluation, and Past Performances.



Publication Date2019-09-11
CountryUnited States of America
Procurement StatusFuture
OrganisationDepartment of the Air Force
Attention OfJennifer L. Bolz, Buyer, Phone 5802137176, Email - Teddy T. Thomas, Construction Contracts Specialist, Phone 5802137174, Fax 5802136047, Email
Address246 Brown Parkway Vance AFB OK 73705-5036
Class DescriptionMaintenance, repair, and alteration of real property
SourceFederal Business Opportunities (FBO)

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