Deadline DateNone Provided
Publication Date2019-03-27
CountryUnited States of America
Procurement StatusAmended
OrganisationDepartment of the Navy
Attention OfDaniel P Van Natta, Contract Specialist, Phone 3603964962, Email
Address1101 Tautog Circle Silverdale WA 98315-1101
SourceFederal Business Opportunities (FBO)

Version of 2019-03-06

Navy Region Northwest Security Guard Services

Solicitation No: N44255-18-R-5007
Title: Regional Security Guard Services Contract

Type: RFP ~ Pre-Solicitation Notice

Location: Naval Base Kitsap (NBK), Bangor, WA; Naval Magazine Indian Island (NAVMAGII), Port Hadlock, WA; and Acoustic Research Detachment, (ARD) Bayview, ID.

Issue Date: Approximately late March 2019
Anticipated Site Visit or Pre-Proposal Conference: Approximately early April 2019
Estimated Proposal Due Date: Approximately late April 2019
Estimated Award Date: Approximately September 2019

Contracting POC: Daniel Van Natta via email to

Posted on Web: Yes


A sources sought notice was posted to the Federal Business Opportunities website on 6 October 2017 under N44255-18-R-5007. The sources sought notice was issued as a market research tool to determine the availability of qualified small business sources prior to issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a new Regional Force Protection Guard Services contract for the NAVFAC Northwest Area of Responsibility (AOR). Responses were due on 31 October 2017. Based on an analysis of the responses received, it was determined that this procurement will be solicited as a 100% small business set-aside. The NAVFAC Northwest Small Business Office concurred with the decision.

The North American Industry Classification Standard (NAICS) is 561612 and the annual size standard is $20.5 million.

This procurement provides for all labor, supervision, management, tools, materials, equipment, facilities, transportation and items necessary to perform force protection guard services. Such actions include access control, surveillance, screening, detaining, and conducting preliminary investigations of real or potential violations of installations orders and/or applicable regulations. Task Orders and FedMall Orders for Nonrecurring Work may be issued for NBK - Bangor, WA; NAVMAGII, Port Hadlock, WA; and ARD Bayview, ID.

The procurement consists of one solicitation with the intent to award a single contract to the responsible offeror whose proposal, conforming to the Request for Proposal (RFP), will be most advantageous to the Government resulting in the best value, price and non-price factors considered. Award may be made to a firm other than the one submitting the lowest price. Offerors are advised award may be made without discussions or any contact concerning the proposal received. Therefore, the offerors should submit proposals which contain their best terms.

The RFP is anticipated to be issued in late March 2019. The proposal due date is tentatively planned for late April 2018. The solicitation will utilize source selection procedures which require offerors to submit a non-price proposal which includes past performance and experience information and a price proposal for evaluation by the Government.

The resulting contract is planned to be a firm-fixed price (FFP), Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract. The contract term will be a base period of 12 months with four 12-month options or until the maximum not-to-exceed amount is reached, whichever comes first. The minimum guarantee will be the base year of recurring services. If the Government does not award a follow-on contract in time, the Government may require the Contractor to continue performance for an additional period up to six months under FAR 52.217-8, Option to Extend Services clause.

This contract will replace three separate contract actions, each one currently providing services at NBK Bangor, NAVMAGII or ARD Bayview. The incumbent contractor for services at NBK Bangor is Chugach Federal Solutions, Inc. and the contract number is N44255-14-D-9000. The incumbent contractor for services at NAVMAGII is Xcel Protective Services, Inc. and the contract number is N44255-14-D-9021. The incumbent contractor for services at ARD Bayview is Chugach Federal Solutions, Inc and the contract number is N44255-14-D-9000, Task Order N44255F4008. The contract expiration for these contracts is 30 September 2019.

Award Information:
The Government reserves the right to reject any or all proposals at any time prior to award; to negotiate with any or all proposers; to use tradeoff processes when it may be in the best interest of the Government; to consider award to other than the lowest priced proposer or other than the highest technically rated proposer; and award to the proposer submitting the proposal determined by the Government to be the most advantageous (best value) to the Government. Offerors are advised: THE GOVERNMENT FULLY INTENDS TO EVALUATE PROPOSALS AND AWARD THE CONTRACT WITHOUT DISCUSSIONS WITH OFFERORS. Therefore, initial proposals should be submitted containing offerors' most favorable terms.

THIS SOLICITATION WILL BE OFFERED IN ELECTRONIC FORMAT ONLY. NO HARD COPIES WILL BE PROVIDED. The solicitation will be available on Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website at The only plan-holder list available is via the FBO website under this solicitation number. Amendments will be posted on the website. This will be the only method of amendment distribution; therefore, it is the OFFERORS' RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE WEBSITE PERIODICALLY FOR ANY AMENDMENTS TO THE SOLICITATION. Prospective offerors MUST register themselves on the website. Offerors must also be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM) system at in order to participate in this procurement.

All inquiries should be submitted to Mr. Daniel Van Natta via email to:

Publication Date2019-03-06
CountryUnited States of America
Procurement StatusFuture
OrganisationDepartment of the Navy
Attention OfDaniel P Van Natta, Contract Specialist, Phone 3603964962, Email
Address1101 Tautog Circle Silverdale WA 98315-1101
Class DescriptionUtilities and housekeeping services
SourceFederal Business Opportunities (FBO)

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