The occurrence of insecticide resistance in the redlegged earth mite (RLEM; Halotydeus destructor) is of particular concern to the profitability of the Australian grains industry, and demands a rethink of management approaches. This investment will provide contemporary recommendations about insecticide resistance management and improved control methods for this pest. This will be achieved by:

  • Maintaining active surveillance to understand the RLEM insecticide resistance status across the grain growing regions affected by this pest
  • Ensuring that the RLEM Resistance Management Strategy (RMS) continues to include best practice recommendations
  • Exploring opportunities with agrichemical companies to increase the tools available to growers for implementing successful resistance management programs to control RLEM
  • Investigating opportunities to use biologically-based approaches for RLEM control, including but not limited to: biological molecules and extracts,  native and introduced mite predators and parasites, entomopathogens, endosymbionts, etc.
  • Gaining new knowledge in the biology and ecology of the RLEM (including understanding of the summer diapause cues) which would allow for the development of forecasting (seasonal and paddock risks) tools to increase grower confidence, discourage the use of ‘insurance applications’ of pesticides and facilitate pro-active control practices.
Deadline DateNone Provided
Publication Date2020-06-04
Procurement StatusActive
SourceAustralian Government Tender System (AusTender)

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